Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God's Miracle Baby!

What a precious miracle this little girl is! To see Kelly and Scott holding Harper today brought tears to my eyes as I thanked God for all the answered prayers that have gone up in Harper's behalf. Isn't she beautiful?

Please go to Kelly's blog to see the rest of the pictures. I was so thrilled to see Kelly and Scott holding their sweet baby girl. They have waited so long to hold her since she was born. Both parents were just beaming with pride and joy!

Please continue to pray for complete healing for Harper, so that she can go home with her parents and be introduced to Dawson. I know this was a jubilant day in Oklahoma. Praise God!

Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!!!!!!


  1. I was just beyond excited to read Kelly's post last night! I am been praying for the Stamps family and am so thrilled God has blessed them. It is an inspirational story for so many and I cannot wait to follow Harper as she grows up!

  2. What a miracle!!! She is absolutely beautiful!!! I got all teary eyed too when I saw those pictures. Praise God for His wonderful healing power. This is such a testimony that our God is faithful. Precious!

  3. I was just thrilled to see that she is doing so well! She is so cute!

  4. It is truly amazing what happens when God's people gather together to storm the gates of Heaven with prayer! Loved all the pictures.

  5. What a blessing she is and it looks as though she is smiling! How precious. May God continue to heal and strengthen little Harper. What a cute name too.

  6. Regarding the comment on my latest post....
    We do sound a lot alike. I was getting so mad the other day trying to change the background. When I tried to put a picture in the header it was gigantic! ;) So you can relate, huh?
    I was telling Stephanie (my little tutor) how proud I am that I did as much as I've done without my kids being at home to help me. She said she was proud too. Awww (she's around my kids' age) I have depended on them for so long for all of my technology related questions. I'm enjoying learning...well, most of the time. ;)
    Stephanie told me about a website called Foto Flexer and I can tell I'm going to be spending way too much time on there. It's SO cool!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. A precious little angel. You have been blessed!

  8. How wonderful! How great is our God!
    I want to thank you for entering my 100th post giveaway! I appreciate your visits, please come back anytime! Good luck and Blessings to you, Nancy

  9. We are really enjoying the study of Esther too. Beth's dvd lessons are all about an hour, but it never seems like it's that long. I could listen to her all day too. Have you ever been to one of her conferences?

    I did see earlier in the day yesterday that Amanda was in labor and then last night saw pictures of little Annabeth. How precious!

    Have a good day!

  10. What a beautiful little girl. I will certainly say a prayer for her.

  11. I gave you an award! Check out my blog!!

  12. Hi-I clicked onto your blog from Kelly's Korner dad's blog (hope that makes sense!). I have been following their story too. Such a great outcome!

    I loved the name of your blog and had to take a peek. I also have two daughters, both in university, and am new to the empty nest thing. I'm figuring it out as I go along : )

    I'm also a former preschool teacher (4's, then kindergarten) and left a job I loved as a preschool director to move overseas about 5 1/2 years ago. I recently started blogging and am really enjoying it. I'm not very techie but I'm learning.

    Have a great day! Joyce