Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bachelor!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter and I are so excited about watching the Bachelor tonight that we can't stand it!!! We fell in love with Jason last year on the Bachelorette and were so upset when Deanna dumped him for Jessie. We emailed the program and asked for Jason to be the Bachelor this season and guess what? They picked him for this new season. Isn't that awesome? I guess a million other people emailed them too.

Jason is so adorable and he has the cutest little boy. We want him to find the woman of his dreams!! In a recent issue of People magazine, Jason says in the interview that he found his love on the program and he is engaged now. Isn't that exciting? I can't wait to see the gals tonight and try to figure out which one he chooses.

I have been cooking all afternoon getting ready for tonight. My daughter, Adelaide, has invited some girlfriends over for dinner and then we are going to watch the Bachelor from 8 till 10pm. I can't wait!!!

For dinner I fixed meatballs and marinara sauce and we are also having a tossed salad, bread and a yummy chocolate fudge cake for dessert. Come on and join us!

My oldest daughter had to spend the night with us last night in order to be closer to the city where she had to report for her new job, so I am going to send her home with some dinner tonight too. I thought that would help her out, after being at work today. This is her first day at her new job, but she just had to report to their home office today to get her computer and some training. Tomorrow, she will go to the office in her hometown where she lives.

I guess I better get back to my dinner and straightening up a bit to get ready for tonight. Have a blessed day and enjoy the Bachelor, if you watch it tonight.

PS I saw on a preview where Deanna comes back to the show tonight and admits that she made a mistake!!! I read where she and Jessie had broken up. Too bad Deanna, you blew it last year when you didn't pick Jason. She had her chance and she didn't know a good thing when she had him.


  1. My BDiL's sorority sister was chosen a couple of years ago on the Bachelor. They are now broken up - can't remember which season or any details but I will get it if you want to know the 4-1-1 :-) She was from Nashville so that might help if you have been a fan of the show for a while. Have fun tonight! Wish I could come over :-)

  2. I wish I lived in your town!!! Your menu sounds delish! I think that Jason is the cutest Bachelor ever and I can't wait to watch this season. I am even more excited to watch him than I was to watch DeAnna on her season! Now that's saying something!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! It's so addictive! Thanks for the sweet comment. I look forward to following your blog.