Monday, January 5, 2009

Semi-Slacker Mom's 100th Post Giveaway!!!

Here is the post from Semi-slacker Mom's blog about her giveaway:

Over the past several months, blogging has become my new favorite past time. It's a great release for me & very therapeutic. I have "met" so many wonderful ladies (& Jay) through reading their blogs. I so enjoy reading what's going on in their lives & seeing pictures of their wonderful families. And clothes, and shoes, and places they shop, and how they decorate their homes (loved all the Christmas shots), I could go on & on but ya'll know.So, to kick off 2009 & celebrate my 100th post (& to keep my resolution to be a better blogger) I'm hosting a FABULOUS giveaway.
I'm going to giveaway a subscription to my favorite magazine, next to People of course, Southern Lady. Even if you are not from the South, you would love this magazine! It is so preppy & has wonderful recipes, fabulous entertaining ideas & creative decorating tips.
I'm also giving away a copy of the book that inspired the title of my blog. Confessions of a Slacker Mom. I'm not as bad as Muffy, so that's why I'm a Semi- Slacker Mom.
And the bestest part is, if I get lots of comments & new followers, that will make so happy that I may just make the winner a goodie box full of some of my favorite things!!! Are ya'll as excited as me???
Here's how to enter Semi-Slacker Mom's Fabulous 100th Post Giveaway:
1. Comment me on this post for 1 entry.
2. Post about my giveaway for 2 more entries. (let me know when you post, please)
3. Add yourself to my 'Followers' gadget or tell me you already follow for 3 more entries. Please tell me in your comment!!!
I'll end the giveaway on Friday, January 9th & pick the winner on the 1oth. Good luck!
Now call or email all your friends & fellow bloggers & help me celebrate my 100th post! I like a BIG party!
Happy, Happy 2009!
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Now get busy and check out her blog
You'll love reading it and you can register for prizes while you are there.

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