Monday, January 12, 2009

My Nest Is Empty Again (And a Mess!!!)

I got back home last night after spending the weekend with Sweet Sassy and Always Classy trying to help her get settled back into her apartment after having been home for a month. It was so much fun helping her get unpacked and get ready to start the new semester. She wanted to get totally organized and get a lot of things cleaned out that she didn't need. I came home with my trunk full.

We had a great time getting her organized and we also ate out at some really good places. We wanted to go see Bride Wars, but we just didn't have time. When I left there on Sunday afternoon the apartment could have been photographed for Southern Living. It looked adorable and so girly. Lots of PINK!!!! If you look on her blog, you can see some of the cute new things that she bought at Target to put in her apartment to update her preppy look. Don't we all just love Target? I had to contain myself while shopping there today. I go in to pick up a prescription and come out with half the store if I'm not careful.

Today was my daughter's first day back in class for the semester, so I hope the day went well. I will call her tomorrow and get an update. My other daughter, Adventures of a Southern Newlywed is enjoying her second week on her new job.

Needless to say, my nest is empty again after the holidays and I am missing my girls so much already. Holly was sad today too. It will take me a few days to get back into the groove after having everyone here for the holidays, but I try to stay really busy and the week goes by before I know it.

My big project here at home now is going through all the rooms to organize and de-clutter the whole house. I guess I am getting that nesting instinct that is generally reserved for pregnant women (but that is not my problem)! Every year after Christmas I get the urge to clean out and get everything organized. I do my spring cleaning in the winter and then by the time spring gets here, I am ready to get outside!!! I plan to take one room at a time or the whole project is overwhelming. Wish me luck.

I also have some Christmas things that still need to be put away. With going out of town this past weekend, I got behind on putting up the Christmas things. I have over 25 large storage bins of Christmas things that I put out every year. My house is filled with Christmas in every room. I collect Santas and they are everywhere. I also have Christmas trees in almost every room. I love Christmas and decorating for it!!! But it is a job getting it all packed away. I just take my time and that way it is not so tiring.

I baked a delicious lemon pie today to share with my Bible Study group and it is always a hit. I will share the recipe with you all tomorrow. I also made a chocolate cake today that is called "Inside Outside Cake". It is delicous too, for those of us who love chocolate. I am sharing that cake tomorrow with the ladies at my pre-school to enjoy during our staff meeting. I will post that recipe too. It is quick and easy and uses a cake mix that you doctor up with other things. It is great for traveling, because it doesn't have a frosting on it.

Take care sweet BF's and have an awesome week! Our weather is cold here this week, so stay warm wherever you are!


  1. Thank you for your comment! I have been reading your daughter's blog for a while now! Such a sweet family you have!
    I'm glad you have commented on my mom's too - I know she's glad to find other "mom" bloggers!

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I couldn't have done it without you! I miss you and Holly too. Let's have a phone date tonight :)

  3. What a great Mom you are. You have two wonderful daughters and they are lucky to have you as Mom. So glad you had a fun weekend with Sweet Sassy and Always Classy. Her apartment looks adorable!!! What fun. I love all the pink. Lillie just fits in perfect.

    I look forward to these delicious recipes you have. Hope you have a good week. Talk later. Sherian

  4. I am glad you and Adelaide had fun! Chicago is freezing, but the snow is beautiful. Enjoy your week and I will talk with you soon!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! Unfortunately, your comment was set to "no reply", so I couldn't reply directly. Shoot me an email -- I'd be happy to share my favorite local shopping sites with you!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about our approaching miracle grandchild-to-be!

    You sound like a lovely lady that I will enjoy "talking" to! I will be busy with the new baby for a week or so at Kelly's house and then I will be back in the bloggy business!

    Talk to you soon! Thanks again for your words and prayers!