Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meeting Boomer Sooner!!!!

I'm so excited that on Friday I get to meet Valerie (Boomer Sooner) from Oklahoma!!!!!
We met this past year blogging and have become good friends via the internet!
Whoever thought when I started blogging last January that I would meet such wonderful folks in the blog world. I have made some awesome friends and have laughed and cried with so many of you over the past year via our blogs.

Valerie will be my first blogger friend that I will have the opportunity to get to meet. Valerie is flying to Virginia with her sister to visit her niece, who goes to college there. We talked a long time ago about how much fun it would be to meet each other. When Valerie decided to fly out with her sister, she emailed me and we planned to meet and go to lunch. It is about a 2 hour drive for me to get to where she is visiting. With the leaves changing colors right now, it will be a beautiful drive!

Poor Valerie, there were problems in Atlanta and her trip from Oklahoma to Virginia took all day and night! They couldn't fly into the city where they were supposed to be visiting. Instead, they had to fly to another city and her niece had to drive over to pick them all up and take them to their hotel.

Valerie called this evening to tell me that they had arrived in Virginia, but they still had the drive to the city where her niece goes to college. I know they are exhausted!
I have never been to the city where we are going to meet (just driven by there on the highway) and I am looking forward to getting to see some new sites. I have a friend who used to live there and another friend whose mother-in-law lives there and I asked them to suggest a good place for lunch. Can you believe it, they both suggested the same place!

I am so excited to meet Valerie, her sister and her niece! God amazes me at how he puts people in our lives. Who would have ever thought when I started blogging that I would meet so many wonderful people!!!!

I'm sorry that I have had a lapse of posting on my blog. My fall has been crazy!
You name it, it has happened.......
My camera broke and I had to get a new one, our computer was on the blink and it took a while to get it fixed, we had to change our internet carrier, I started a new job and I now work full time as a Nanny, for 2 months in the fall I was out of town every weekend but one, our water line broke coming into our house and we had to have a new water line put in, etc. , etc. Now I have misplaced my cord to the camera, so I haven't been able to upload my pictures. I can't win for losing, as they say. LOL!!!!

Hopefully things are going to slow down a bit and I am going to get some semblance of order back into my life. Is that possible? I was off work this past week, because the family I work for has been at Disney World. I love being at home and I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to get some much needed projects done around the house. I have enjoyed spending time with friends and also my family.

I have cleaned out my entire kitchen (cabinets, drawers, etc), cleaned out my master bedroom closet, cleaned out all of my bathrooms (cabinets, drawers,etc), cleaned out my pantry, laundry room, freezers, refrigerator, etc. Plus, I have done some yard work. I have been busy this week!!!

Although I have done a lot, there is so much more that I want to do. I am beginning to panic when I realize that Sunday is November 1st and that means Thanksgiving is just right around the corner and it is less than 2 months until Christmas.

As I am working to get my life back into some order, please bear with me. Although I have not been posting as much, I have tried to read your blogs regularly and make comments to keep in touch. Valerie and I will be sure to take lots of pictures to put on our blogs of our visit with each other on Friday. I can't wait!!!!!

PS I have edited this post for over an hour and I can't get the large type to go away on my finished blogpost. It does not show up on the edited version, before I hit publish post. Go figure!! I am just going to leave it. I have to go to bed. Good Night!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Computer is Back up and Running!!!!

Hey everyone, hope all of you are fine and enjoying this beautiful fall weather! Our computer has been on the blink and I just got back online yesterday (Friday, Oct. 9th). When I came home from the mountains 2 weekends ago, the computer wasn't working properly and had to go to the shop. We got it back and then our internet provider was not working right and had to be replaced with another provider. We got everything back up and running on Friday. When the Time/Warner man came yesterday, I could have kissed him, I was so excited!!! I was beginning to suffer from withdrawal, not having my computer "fix" each day.

It has taken me a long time today to weed through my 1,000 emails and take care of my correspondence, etc. I can't win for losing. A while back my camera broke and I got a new one. I am learning how to use it, but I am still no expert yet by any means. I will upload my pictures from the past 2 mountain trips, etc. and try to put some online this week. If I don't have any luck, Adelaide will be coming home for Fall break on Wednesday and can give me some help.

I went from a broken camera to a broken computer and in between all of this, our water had to be shut off due to an underground water leak that we did not know about. We ended up having to get a new water line put in from the street to our house. Our little dog and I went to stay with my parents and my husband went and stayed with his parents this week. Needless to say, I got NOTHING done all week, since I was not able to be at home. I did enjoy being with my parents, but I felt like my week was lost.

On my day off on Friday, I was able to get a lot done around the house and begin to get caught up on things. I want to get everything in order for Adelaide's visit with us over Fall break. I can't believe that half of her semester will be over when she gets home this week. It just seems like yesterday that I took her up to college in August. It is going to be Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it!!

I so missed having my computer and getting to read all of your blogs and keep up with all my blogger friends and family. I LOVE my computer and was so lost without it. I am so dependent on it for my daily activities. Take care and bear with me. It will take me a while to catch up with all of you and what has been going on these past 2 weeks!

Love & blessings!