Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update on Baby Harper!!!

We are all still in prayer for Baby Harper, but after reading Kelly's blog: and her Dad's blog:, it sounds like things may not be as bad as earlier thought. She is still critical, but they ended up transporting her to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A recent update from Kelly states that Harper is not on the list for the ECMO machine, because she is making good progress. Praise God!!!
They say that her heart is strong, but she has pneumonia, due to a fluid build-up in her lungs. I feel sure that God has Harper where she needs to be and that the doctors and nurses there will provide the best possible care for her.

We need to be prayer warriors for Harper and for all of her family at this time and lift them up in prayer. Kelly's parents are taking her to Tulsa today to be with her precious Harper. I know this trip will be hard for her after just having gone through childbirth.

I know that God is an awesome God and he is the great physician. He knows the master plan for Harper's life and she is in His hands right now. I pray that the doctors and nurses will have the wisdom they need to treat Harper and that she will receive complete healing from God and will be home with her parents soon.

It is so incredible to me that all of us in the blog world have grown to love Kelly in following her pregnancy and that now we can share this burden with her and can PRAY for her during this time. I have shed so many tears for Kelly, Scott and Harper and I don't even know them. God is good and he will get them through this time in their lives. I am a cancer survivor and so is my daughter, so I KNOW the power of prayer!!!


  1. It is amazing to me as well that so many people are reaching out to this family just because we know them through the blogging world. They have been on my mind and my hearts all day long. I keep checking to get any updates. I keep crying for them as well because my heart is breaking....they are such a great family and i hope nothing but the best for baby Harper.

  2. I don't know if you've read the latest update from Kelly, but sweet Harper is not actually on the ECMO machine and the doctor's don't think she'll have to at this point :) Isn't that exciting news?!? Praise the Lord...

  3. Thanks for adding my blog to your following list :) I'm glad you stopped by! And isn't the body of Christ an amazing thing? I am astounded hour by hour at how many of us are joining together, from across the world!, to lift Harper up in prayer...

    P.S. Your daughter's blog is a treat. I love all the pretty things to which she refers her readers.