Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks to my Blogger Friend Kat!

Thanks Kat for that sweet comment about me on your blog post! Let me tell you gals a bit about the story. On Sunday, Kat posted that she had had a bad day. Things just weren't going her way. Hey, we all have days like that, don't we? She talked about how complete strangers that she met during the course of her day had said some nice things to her that changed her day and made her smile!

I commented to her and told her how sorry I was that she had had a bad day and then proceded to tell her about a very special saying that I have right above my computer that I look at every day to encourage me.


Don't you just love that saying? It inspires me everyday!!! It is so important to treat others as we would want them to treat us and to be the light of Christ to those around us. We never know who is watching us and could be uplifted by something we say to them or just as simple as a SMILE to a complete stranger.I have found it so meaningful to share comments with others in the blog world and to have them do the same to me. I am so amazed at the love we as individuals have for one another. It is the love of Christ shining through us all. I am blessed each day to awake and face a new day.

Kat, I was so thrilled to see that you loved that saying as much as I do and that you wanted to share it with your blog readers! If I can figure out how to do it, I am going to put it on my sidebar for my readers to see each day, just as I see it above my computer. Hopefully it will bless others too! I have had an awesome Monday and I hope all of you have too. God is so good!

PS I've got black and brown font colors going on at the same time. Sorry, I can't fix it. You all know my challenges with the computer. It makes your reading more interesting. Ha! Sometimes my computer has a mind of it's own. Oh well, I tried!


  1. I'm so glad you didn't mind me sharing it on my blog. I thought it was just too special not to share. Your idea of putting it on your sidebar is a good one. You could just take a photo of your plaque and then add it to your sidebar like you do photos of your awards, etc. I had to chuckle when I got to your PS....I was thinking my eyes were playing tricks with me since the font color had changed. LOL


  2. This is just a wonderful post a great saying! I hope you do post it on a side column so that every reader can read it everyday!

  3. How true!! Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom!

  4. What wonderful words! And so very true! I really enjoyed your post.

    To post on the sidebar, go to layout, add a gadget, add TEXT, then type your quote.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Thanks SSM, I did it. You're the greatest!
    I couldn't figure it out.

  6. I absolutely love that saying! Definitely words to live by!

  7. What a wonderful saying! I love this post and how inspiring it is. I will send some Florida sunshine your way! I went to college in NC, at Elon, and love it up there. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I love that saying! I think I should put it on my bathroom mirror so that I see it when I gt ready in the morning!

  9. What a sweet saying! Love it. I am a new mom, and on those hectic days, I definitely need to remember that.

    Have a great day!