Friday, January 16, 2009

Kelly's Baby is Here!!!

Harper Brown Stamps was born at 7:03pm on January, 16, 2009!!! Welcome Harper! I think the whole blog world has followed your birth. Proud parents are Kelly and Scott. Kelly's blog is: Harper weighed 9 pounds 12 ounces. WOW!!! Way to go Kelly!

Please be in prayer for Kelly, as well as Harper. Harper was having trouble breathing and had to be taken to the NICU. Kelly had a hard delivery and lost a lot of blood, plus is having trouble with her blood pressure. Those of us in the blog world who have been following Kelly during her pregnancy all feel like we know her as a sister. She is a precious woman of Christ and has so wanted this baby girl. Kelly's Father is a minister. They are such a sweet family!

I know this has been a very long and hard day for all of Kelly's family. Please keep all of them in your prayers as we anxiously await the news of how Kelly and baby Harper are doing. Plus, we are all so excited to see baby Harper!!

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