Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Great Giveaway!! I Almost Forgot to Tell You!

My forgetfulness is setting in and I almost forgot to let you know about this marvelous giveaway. Check out
She is a teacher and we have enjoyed sharing teacher stories.
If you go to her blog and mention that I sent you, you will be entered into a drawing for this adorable post. She is also wanting to build up her followers, so add your name to her list of followers.
Monogrammed Teacher is from Georgia and she LOVES all things SOUTHERN. You'll enjoy her, she is so sweet!

Oh, I almost forgot, the contest ends at 10:00pm on Friday, January 23rd, so hurry and enter. You might win. Good luck!! Don't you just love all these wonderful giveaways. It's just like Christmas again!


  1. Thanks for the "heads up"! :)

  2. I am passing along the letter S! It's so neat to know that your birthday is March 15. Mine is March 11 and I will be 21! Tell your daughter Happy Birthday! I always love to read your comments! You are such a sweet woman! Can't wait to see your 10 favorites!

  3. So cute...I'm to late to enter but will definitely go check out her blog.