Monday, January 26, 2009

Harper Opened Her Beautiful Eyes Today!!!

Harper opened her eyes today! Praise God!!! Isn't that the most beautiful sight? God is so good and I know that Kelly and Scott are so thrilled. What an incredible day for them! Hopefully they will get to hold their precious miracle very soon! This little girl has touched so many lives. From the ones whose faith has been greatly increased, to the ones who have come to know the Lord for the first time after hearing her story. Harper's family is pretty amazing too. Their faith is so strong and the way they have shown this faith to others has been a true testimony to their love for the Lord. I have loved reading Kelly's Dad's blog and also her Mother's. They are a very special family! Wouldn't we all love to meet them one day?

I can't wait to see the picture of Kelly holding Harper! I hope that will be real soon.


  1. Little Harper is certainly in my prayers. Sweet little baby.

  2. Wasn't this the best news? I've cried tears of joy every time i get an update

  3. I am so glad she is doing better! God is Good!!

    Hi! I found you on Valerie's blog....saw that you were from NC! And I am too!

    Hope you'll come over and visit sometime!

    (Love your thought for the day...our pastor said the same thing during his sermon Sunday...)


  4. Isn't that the sweetest picture of Harper with her eyes opened?!!!!
    I had tears in my eyes....I can't imagine what Kelly & Scott felt when they saw that sight. Bless their hearts.

    I was glad to see Judy's blog on here. I had read Kelly's dad's blog, but didn't know her mom's. They are an awesome family, huh?

    Take care!

  5. I read their blog this morning and loved the beautiful pictures!

  6. So exciting to see those beautiful eyes. They are a truly amazing family.

    I can't wait to get your Pink Swap package to you! I've got a few more goodies to add, and this week is crazy, but, I hope you like all the goodies!!

    Hope you had fun celebrating your daughters birthday!

  7. Thanks for the update. I have been praying for baby Harper. Check out my blog and read what God has done for our pre-mature baby twins. This is a testimony of God's care. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

  8. I'm so happy for Harper's family! I'm glad to see she is continuing to gain strength and at the same time feel so sad she is hooked up and mommy and daddy can't just hold her whenever they want to! I just can't imagine that! I too am hoping to see her in Mommy's arms very soon!! My best wishes! Thanks for the update! Jeannette

  9. What a sweet little face that is! I was excited to see that they are able to hold and feed her now. What a miracle!