Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey blog friends, I have not dropped off the face of the earth!! Sorry I have not posted in a good while, but I have been so busy recently. My plate has been a bit full, as the old saying goes!! I have tried to comment on your blogs as time permitted, but I have not kept up with my posting. My goal is to get caught up this weekend.

Thanks to Hopsy over at Monograms and Manicures for co-ordinating the Pink Swap. It was so much fun to shop for my partner and pick out some awesome pink items to send her. Below are the items that I sent to my partner Ally at The Shabby Princess. She received a white wicker basket with a pink liner, a plastic container covered with pink hearts with cherry Hershey kisses inside, a pink picture frame, a sequined Valentine heart, a pink candle, pink/green polka dot tissues, pink/green emery board, a note pad with pink lips on it, pink kitchen towel with hearts on it and a pink spatula, beaded heart coasters and a little pink book on how to pamper yourself!!!
I had it packed in a box with everything wrapped in pink heart tissue paper. Then on top of that I had shredded pink paper. With all that pink, it looked very "girlie". I hope Ally liked her stuff!!

These are the cards I made to go with my Pink Swap gifts. I had Princess cards to go on each item that I wrapped up. There was a Princess on the outside of the card and the verse on the inside was this: A princess is what you were meant to be, 'cause being sweet comes naturally!
How appropriate for the Shabby Princess.

The Shabby Princess had my items wrapped up in adorable pink daisy paper. Look at the cute card! My items included parasol picks, 2 jars of body butter(heavenly vanilla and strawberries & champagne), a pink leopard print notepad,pink/green note cards, a diffuser reed set, beautiful pink Essie nailpolish, a lovely pink necklace(it is hard to see on the bottom left side) and watermelon sour patch candies. I love my Pink Swap gifts!!!

Thanks Shabby Princess!!


  1. I was wondering about you! I know what you mean by having a full plate! Looks like you gave some great gifts...lucky girl!

  2. Yay, you're back! We've missed you! Your pink package was great!

  3. Darling items! I am so, so thrilled everyone enjoyed this swap! Now that is was a success I need to get working on another!