Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

I had parent conferences today and they were great! I am blessed to teach some wonderful 3 year old children and their parents are equally as nice! The conferences went very well, but I am glad to have that behind me.

Tonight a group of teachers from school are getting together at my associate's house for dinner and to celebrate conferences being over. Won't that be fun? We love to eat, so I know the food will be delicious. And it is always fun to talk with each other, since it is hard to do that at school with the children around.

I got a text from Adelaide today saying that she is coming home a day earlier for spring break. She will be home Thursday evening!!!! I am so excited. I am in high gear this afternoon putting the finishing touches on the house. We have so many fun things planned to do before she leaves with her girlfriends for the beach on Monday. Our little dog, Holly, will be so thrilled to have Adelaide at home. Holly misses her "Mother" when Adelaide is away at school.

The temperatures are getting so much warmer here and the snow is slowly melting. I can't believe that by the weekend our temperatures are going to be in the 70's. Bring on the spring time weather. I love it!!! Take care and have an awesome day.

Speaking of wonderful, I wanted to share this writing from Max Lucado.

God loves you with an everlasting love...
You are valuable to Him not because of what you do,
but simply because you are.
His thoughts of you outnumber the sand on the shore...
He lives to hear your heartbeat.
He loves to hear your prayers.
If something is important to you, it's important to Him.
He has never taken his eyes off you - not for a millisecond.
He's always near...
So be kind to yourself.
God thinks you're worth His kindness.
And he's a good judge of character.
He thinks you're WONDERFUL!!!
By the way, I think you're WONDERFUL too!!!


  1. I love the passage from Max..thanks for sharing :) Your blog is such an awesome inspiration!

  2. Enjoy your time with Adelaide! Even one extra day makes it more exciting. Do you think they ever understand how much we miss them? I guess they'll know when their own kids go off to college and beyond.

    Enjoy your teachers' dinner tonight

  3. I can tell you're a wonderful teacher. Thanks for the passage from Max.

  4. Can't wait for the warm sunny weekend AND for my college gal to come home too!! She will be home Friday around noon. Our snow was pretty also. What a nice week - snow at the beginning and then a warm weekend!

  5. Have fun at your dinner! My son is coming home for spring break as well and like you I am very excited! It appears we have another thing in common...Max Lucado is one of my favorites. I have many of his books!

  6. Congratulations on making it through conferences; they sure are a lot of work, but mean so much to parents!

    I've really struggled this year over what to do with our 4-year old. She is an August baby and eligible to start kindergarten in Kansas. I decided to enroll her in another year of preschool, but this time at a Christian-based Children's Center versus the daycare/preschool that she currently attends. (I've been really disappointed this year as it has been more daycare-ish than preschool-ish, in my opinion!) The program she will be attending next year has a specially designed Pre-K program "for the summer birthday" kiddos that are waiting a year to start K. I think it will be a better fit!

    Hope you enjoyed your evening with colleagues! Getting together with teacher-friends is always so much fun.

  7. Nothing better than a successful parent conference!! xoxo

  8. I love that quote, mom! What a good reminder.

    I'm glad your conferences are over too. I bet that takes a lot of hard work to prepare. Just think, you're so close to the end of the year!

    Sorry, I didn't mean to stress you out about cleaning the house. You know I could care less if everything isn't perfect. See you soon!

  9. I know conferences can be so stressful. I'm glad yours went well. Enjoy your daughter over Spring Break!