Friday, March 20, 2009

Ladies' Getaway Weekend!!!

This has been one crazy, busy week and I am so excited to be leaving this morning to go away for the weekend on a ladies' get-a-way. Rest and relaxation, here I come!! We aren't going too far away, but it is an awesome retreat center and we have the most fun when we go. There are 12 of us who will be there. We share the meals and the food is incredible!! I am in charge of dessert (imagine that) for one meal. I think I can handle that. I made a homemade angel food cake and we are having fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Doesn't that sound like spring?

We all work work on different things. Some of the ladies scrapbook, one lady does watercolor painting, I will be quilting and I also am taking my knitting, some ladies do nothing but chill out and look at magazines or read books. It is a fun time and we all enjoy talking and being together. We get up when we want to, go to bed when we want to and there are no husbands and children wanting our attention!

I will not be back home until late Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, I will be behind on my blog reading and posting, but I guess we all need a break sometimes, don't we?

I hope all of you enjoy this beautiful first day of spring and have an amazing weekend.

Love & blessings to you all!!!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend! I am very jealous. It sounds like a wonderful time! Enjoy!:)

  2. Have a great time! That sounds like a lovely getaway that will be a welcome to springtime!

  3. Nice blog, from one Southern girl to another.

  4. Oh, have a wonderful weekend. The time away with the girls is always a great time.

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  6. Wow that sounds like a fabulous weekend of good company and relaxation. I hope it was a blast!!

  7. this sounds like a great idea and i hope it was a very fun weekend!

  8. I hope you had a delightful time!

  9. I tagged you on my blog. You better do it this time, ha!

  10. Oh I hope you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to see what you created.