Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tea Room with Mom!

Today I took my Mom to lunch at this adorable Tea Room that we had never been to before. It is in a town next to where we live. I looked it up online, got directions and we headed out for a fun day being together on this April Fool's Day! We had the most delicious lunch and the best time having "girl time" together. My sweet Mom will be 86 in April, but she still loves to get out and about.

In our excitement when our food came, I forgot to take any pictures of the food, but believe me, it was so good! Mom had quiche and salad and I had a chicken salad plate with fresh fruit. For dessert we had the best strawberry cake.

You can also have tea complete with scones, finger sandwiches, fruit, etc. There is a picture of the tea menu included further down in this post. We decided that we would try that next time. The people sitting next to us were having that and the service looked so pretty, as well as delicious!

I think I may have gotten carried away with my picture taking, but the house was just so neat. I wanted to share it all with you! The Easter bunny even hopped by to say hello while we were inside eating. Wasn't that nice of him?

After lunch we went to do some thrifting and I found a really pretty milk glass dish. We also went to the local Farmer's Market to look at the flowers/plants and Mom got us each a pretty geranium. The last three pictures on this post are of the flowers at the Farmer's Market. Nothing says spring like flowers! I hope you enjoy the tour of the Tea Room and our outing today. We sure had a wonderful time!


  1. What a darling little tea room! I love all their festive Easter decorations. Those Easter Lillies are gorgeous, and are my favorite Easter flower. So joyous! Hope you have an amazing Easter weekend!!

  2. What sweet memories you and your Mom made today. The tea room looks like a very sweet place for lunch.

    I'm missing my Mom, but will see her soon...another shower for Bree.


  3. The tea room looks lovely!!! My best friend and I really enjoy going to places like that too!

  4. There's just nothing like going to a tea room. I haven't been to one in ages so I enjoyed the photos tremendously. Happy Easter!

  5. What a great bonding with your Mom at a tea room. The place looks wonderful. the flowers are beautiful.
    My Foodie Friday entry

  6. That is so sweet of you to take your mom out and about. Sounds like you both had a great time spending time together!

  7. Wow! That food sounds good! How nice of you to take your mom to do that! Loved their Easter tree, how cute! Those flowers make me think I need to get busy outside! Have a great Easter!

  8. Thanks...I haven't heard of this place but plan to visit when my mom comes!

    Happy Happy Easter!

  9. I love the Tea Room. Is it located in NC? I live near Charlotte NC. I would love to take my daughter there.
    Also wanted to mention that your blog is beautiful. Love the pictures.
    God bless you. Happy Easter.
    In HIS love,

  10. This is MY kind of place! We're traveling to N.C. next week. (Have I asked you before what town you live in?) If you'd email me with the name of the town the Tear Room is in, maybe I can drop by and find it if we're close enough. My email is

    Happy Easter. Christ Jesus is risen indeed!

  11. What a fun way to spend April 1st!
    Your mom is glad you could spend this time together...
    Thanks for sharing the photos and the FLOWERS are wonderful!!!!
    We have a NEW fruit and flower market opening in Cadillac on April 9th!!!!
    Can't wait!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm from NC also. I lived in Winston Salem for about 40 years. Now I live on the coast. I'll follow your blog because I can tell I'll enjoy your posts. Sometimes you just know...

  13. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day and make some great memories with mom!

  14. What a sweet place! Reminds me of a tea room/cafe that I went to with my mom. And I know you must have had even more fun family time over Easter! Thank you for all you blessing and encouraging comments! I am hanging in there for the final few weeks and I can't wait to be done! Hope you are having a good week!

  15. I love tea rooms! This one is gorgeous and sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  16. What a cute tearoom...looks like such a fun, fun day! :-) Loved your pics!