Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Long Insecurity - Atlanta Weekend!

I can't begin to tell you how much fun my girls and I had attending the Beth Moore Conference in Atlanta this past weekend. It was AWESOME!!! 9,300 Sisters in Christ at this "ginormous" church. I have never been to a church that big. It was like a city in itself. It was HUGE!!! It was the First Baptist Church at Woodstock, Georgia. This picture doesn't even begin to show how big it is.
Here I am with my precious daughters! Lauren in blue and Adelaide in pink. We had the best Mother/daughter weekend ever!!! I have lots more pictures and I will break our trip up and post about the other parts of our trip this week. We packed so much into the weekend.
This is a view of some of the screens in our overflow seating area. We had great seats and could see Beth really well on the screens in front of us. I think we were actually in the best place, because our room (although large) seemed more intimate. Plus, Beth came to our room for 30 minutes during lunch and visited and answered questions. How cool is that?
This is what our room looked like. You can see Lauren (blue top) and Adelaide (white sweater) on the second row from the bottom. We were so excited, because lots of our blog friends sat around us. It was one big blogger friend party. Getting to meet blog friends and have pictures taken together. The girls saw lots of their blog friends, but I only meet one of mine. Kelly, from Kelly's Korner. (picture to follow)
This is just a portion of the main sanctuary where Beth was actually speaking. The room was so huge, I couldn't even get it all in.
Here is Beth with her beautiful daughter, Melissa (who lives in Atlanta). They came over to our room during lunch and answered questions up on the stage. We were able to go down and take pictures. Beth was so sweet and spent a lot of time answering questions and interacting with the ladies in the audience. She had on the cutest top and pair of jeans. She isn't any bigger than a minute! And I have never seen so much energy in any one person.

Beth is definitely on fire for the Lord and I am so pleased to report that the simulcast reached 300,000 women nationwide. Isn't that awesome! God is certainly doing great things through Beth and her Living Proof Ministry.
Isn't Beth just the cutest thing you have ever seen? I would say that she looks pretty secure in herself. Don't you? What better person to write this book! She had a wonderful message and she let us all know how important we are in God's eyes and how much he loves us!!!
Beth getting her point across. As many of you know, Beth does not stay still for long. She is up and moving all the time. If you have not read her book, So Long Insecurity, I would highly recommend it. I'm sure you will agree that we all have insecure moments in our lives. Through her book, Beth tells us how to be more secure women of God in our everyday lives.

One of the big highlights of our weekend was getting to meet Kelly of Kelly's Korner. We have all been blog friends with Kelly for a long time and have followed her infertility problems, her pregnancy and the birth of her precious daughter, Harper. I think all of blogdom knows who Kelly is and have prayed for Harper. Kelly was such a celebrity and so many people wanted to meet her. We got to sit near Kelly and a huge following of other bloggers. My girls got to meet so many of their blog friends.

Kelly was as precious, sweet and beautiful in person as she is on her blog. She was so gracious and made everyone feel so special. God blessed Harper with such an incredible Mom! It was a joy for us to get to meet Kelly in person. It meant so much to us to meet Kelly after having prayed for Harper. Our meeting Kelly was the icing on the cake to an incredible weekend of "girl time"...... talking non-stop, lots of eating, shopping, the Princess Diana exhibit, the Beth Moore conference and meeting blog friends. God blessed us with a wonderful weekend and one that we will remember forever!

More pictures to follow this week. Hope all of you had a great weekend!

Love & blessings,


  1. What a blessing!!! Beth has such an awesome ministry. I hope to be able to attend a conference with Jenna, too, someday.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the weekend with Beth Moore and your daughters too. The event in Tampa was also in a huge church and like you I've never belonged to a mega church. I cannot imagine navigating the parking lot every Sunday : )

    Looking forward to hearing about Princess Di exhibit...I dragged my hubs to the one in Kensington Palace and it was actually really interesting as they had interspersed lots of history alongside it.

    I'm def. planning a swing thru NC this summer at some hubs has a zillion trips so I'm thinking of driving south to spend time with my girls while he travels. I'll keep you far are you from Raleigh? Cary?

  3. Melinda, You and your daughters look so beautiful and what a great week-end for you to spend together! Thanks for the sweet comments about Kelly. She feels really strange that people would line up to see her but handled it with grace I think! She loves to meet anyone who wants to talk!!

    Wish I could have gone too but I did have an IMPORTANT job at home! har har

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a weekend! How I would have enjoyed the conference, the blog friends and the Diana exhibit. I must get to Atlanta. Don't yall want to road trip to Nashville in June to hear Sibi? I'll be there and would love to meet all of you! Hope you all are doing well.

  5. Melinda,

    I'm SO glad you and your daughters were able to travel to Atlanta together.
    How fun that Beth & Melissa came to the overflow room. She is truly amazing in every way. You captured some great pictures.
    And, that church is so huge. Even the overflow room is huge. How many did it hold? Wow!

    I've been following Kelly's blog for a long time too. I rarely leave comments because she has so many, but it's always fun to see what's going on in her life and of course seeing adorable little Harper.

    I'll never forget the day she was to have her & I got online and went to her blog only to find out that Harper was so critical. I was in shock because I had kept up with her blog way before she was finally pregnant.

    God has certainly blessed her and is using her greatly.

    Loved the pictures of you and your beautiful daughters and again, I'm so glad you had such a fun, memorable time together.


  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love Beth Moore.