Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Birds!

God's hand in the details of the birth of baby birds is so amazing to me! How all the details are so orchestrated and the eggs are laid, the Mother sits on the eggs, the eggs hatch and the baby birds begin their life on this earth. Isn't that such a miracle?

At the home where I work, a Mother bird built a nest in an arrangement that was placed on the wall beside the front door for Christmas. We watched her painstakingly build her nest for weeks. A lot of the nest is built out of hair. The Mother bird then laid 5 beautiful blue eggs and sat on them for about 2 weeks before they hatched. I have not wanted to disturb the babies, but I can't tell for sure if all 5 eggs hatched or not. Aren't they just so precious?

How these little birds could have grown and developed in 2 weeks and turned into these sweet little fuzzy birds is so amazing to me! How could anyone not believe in God after witnessing this miracle of birth? Maybe it is just me, but these simple everyday events in life are so incredible and bring such joy to my life. I guess it doesn't take too much to make me happy!
Here are the adorable little eggs that the Mother laid and so lovingly sat on until they hatched. And during this time, it got really cold outside at night. I just love the picture of those sweet little eggs!
This is a picture of the container with the arrangement that the bird built her nest in. The nest is in the upper right corner of the arrangement, but it is tucked down inside the leaves and you can't see it from this angle.
If you will look closely, you can see the Mother bird on the top right corner of the lamp and she is watching me real closely. I am sitting in a rocking chair on the porch waiting to get a picture of her. I'm not sure what kind of bird she is, but she has red coloring on her body. You can see that more clearly in the other pictures.
Here the Mother bird has moved onto the gutter and is really checking me out to make sure I would not harm her babies. She never did attack me, but she was real cautious as to what I was doing on the porch.
This is a better close up shot of the Mother bird and you can see her pretty red color. I wondered if she was some type of wren, but I'm not sure.
I had one more picture of the baby birds, but after uploading it, the nest looked really gross from bird droppings on it, and I decided not to post it. I didn't want to gross you all out.
The family that I work for is going to Disney World this week, so I will be off myself and will miss watching the birds leave the nest. I am not sure, but I bet they will have flown out of the nest by the time I get back to work in a week. It has sure been fun watching them so far. I have never been able to watch birds that closely before and it was so neat.

I hope you all have been able to enjoy the spring time beauty around your part of the world. I have taken a lot of really pretty outside pictures of the flowers and trees blooming here in North Carolina and I will post those for you to see another day.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Love & blessings,


  1. What beautiful pictures! I also see God's hand in the natural is wonderful to see people appreciating it!

  2. I am so jealous! I love to watch birds and especially nests but they are usually too high in the trees.

  3. What a wonderful post! I have always looked with wonder at how birds take such good care to build a nest, sit on their eggs and feed their babies and teach them to fly. Truly another of God's miracles!

  4. These are great pics. What a miracle this is. I love to see the little birds. It is amazing to me how this all happens. God is so good!!

    You are really getting good at posting pictures. I need to learn.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Beautiful!!! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and pictures. The bird looks like it might be a house finch. I feel the same way as you do about God's hand in these sweet miracles. It amazes me every year. We are watching some bluebirds in our yard right now. They have six eggs in one of the nests. I can't wait to see them turn into those little fuzzy baby birds.

  7. SO Sweet! What a great post. YES, God is good and His hand is in all things...I'm always amazed at His handiwork. I hope you have a great day and a wonderful week:)

  8. How cute! Momma bird is so pretty too! My dove that had babies in my back yard is now gone. I hate to think about it but I have a feeling the crows got the babies. She was out there sitting on the nest with them and the next time I looked she was on the roof looking for the babies. Then the momma and daddy hung out in our back yard for two days and searched for the babies before they too flew off. So now I just have the empty nest. I was so sad to not see the babies any more.

    Hope your birds grow up to be big and pretty!


  9. Momma birds are so very protective of their young. I know- I've been "swooped" numerous times when I just walked close to a nest that Momma built in the eaves by our front door. Loved seeing your picture of the eggs- so pretty.
    :-) Sue