Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I had 3 people who left me comments today and somehow I deleted them by mistake. I am so sorry to whoever it was that left the comments.
I LOVE comments, so this was not intentional. Somehow I just hit the wrong button.
If you left a comment and I don't respond back, you will know why. I'm sorry!


  1. I THINK I left you a message...or at least I MEANT to. I have done that very thing...UGH!! Oh well... today is a new day!!!!

  2. Too funny! I deleted my blog accidentally back in January because I hit the wrong button and was distracted at the same time! Two years GONE just like that:( Glad you're still here with us!

  3. Hi Sweetie, I had this same thing happen to me. I think Blogger is having some problems.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment to me. I appreciate it and you!

    Barb ♥

  4. I think it happens to everyone --I know it's happened to me. I always feel guility if I don't respond to a comment but I always hope they will give me a second chance.

    Thanks for dripping by and your nice comment --I appreciate it!

  5. Just stopping by to say *Have a great weekend* and thanks for the email!