Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

I have been working all winter inside my house cleaning out closets, drawers, etc. and trying to get rid of "STUFF". My New Year's resolution was to ORGANIZE things in my house and try to get things in some 'semblance of order around here.

The worst part of my house is the basement. You see, we don't have an attic that we can get to easily, so everything goes in the basement. And believe me, everything is down there. Even my whole classroom contents from pre-school.

Now that the weather is going to be getting warmer, I will be able to work in the basement. I am going to go through all my stuff down there and try to get rid of a lot of things. I will either give it all to Goodwill or I might consider doing a yard sale. My neighborhood is having a community yard sale in early May and if I can get motivated, I might participate. I am not promising anything. Yard sales can end up being more trouble than they are worth, in the long run sometimes. I love going to yard sales, but it is hard work getting things priced and organized to have a sale. I'll see how things go.

My first area of business if just tackling the basement. It is so overwhelming!!!!! It is hard to know where to start. I hope I can feel good about getting rid of a lot of stuff and trying to eliminate so much of the clutter down in my basement. I would love to get my side of the basement cleaned out, so I can park my car down there again.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and productive weekend and that the weather in your area of the country is slowly beginning to improve and get warmer. My youngest daughter came home last night for spring break, but she is leaving on Saturday to go to Florida for the week. I hope they have some nice warm weather. If not, they will just enjoy their much-needed rest and relaxation.

Have a great weekend.
Love & blessings,


  1. I hope our girls get to meet up...I know they were communicating. How fun that would be! I told mine to definitely get a picture if they do.

    Now, when are we meeting???

  2. Funny..I'm organizing the attic room! Overwhelming as it is, it must be done.

  3. I am taking the month of March to do some heavy duty spring cleaning around the house too. We host Easter here every year and I want things to be in great shape before that so I can concentrate on fixing the food. I know that if I do all the furniture-moving- curtain-washing-grout-whitening-deep-cleaning now, a quick vacuum and simple wipe down will be good before people arrive.
    I keep 2 big plastic bins in the basement, and during the year I fill them with things I have decided not to keep anymore. Once a year we do a sale or sometimes we just donate all the stuff to the high school marching band when they have their big spring garage sale.

  4. I agree about the yard me they are rarely worth the effort for the money unless you have some bigger ticket items like furniture to sell. Good luck with your organizing! If I lived closer I'd come help you.

  5. Good luck! I've got some of that to do, too, real soon.

  6. I think that spring fever is hitting us all over! Beautiful weather here and I threw open the windows and starting tossing things out. I'm hoping to simplify this year!

    Can't imagine having a basement as it sure would be easy to put things down there. Good luck with your sorting. :)

  7. Good Luck with your organization!! How great to be going to Florida for Spring Break. I remember those days - vaguely. haha xoxo

  8. I am taking April (or May) to clean out my attic. Girl, you should SEE it.....Oh. My. Word. Where did we get all this stuff and why did we save it???

    Take some before and after pics to inspire me.

    (Sitting at the beach, sipping coffee.....:))

  9. It is amazing how overwhelming getting rid of things can be. I've been in the process of doing the same thing. Good luck to us both. The sun is shining here!!! Have a great weekend.

  10. We don't have a basement, but ever since we moved into our new home last October, our garage has been filled with STUFF! We are going to be working on that once the weather is a little bit warmer too.

  11. I know how you feel. I started to work on my garage but stopped after a few weeks of going through things...slowly! I need to get back out there. I did find lots of fun things I had forgotten I had but now I've run out of room on where to store everything!


  12. Lord knows I need to do some spring cleaning but I have no idea when I will get around to it! Good luck with the basement!