Monday, March 22, 2010

I Won!!!!

I can't believe that I won this adorable heart pillow from Becky over at Sweet Cottage Dreams!!!! I am so excited, I can't stand it! I just love it.

Becky's friend, Kim, at Dear Daisy Cottage is encouraging fellow bloggers to make a fabric heart to send to Jack. ( A man who recently lost his wife to cancer.) Kim's blog friends made hearts for her that she keeps in a basket, so she thought the same idea would be great for Jack and bring him some comfort.

To encourage bloggers to make hearts to send to Jack, Becky hosted a giveaway with her own heart pillow. In order to win, you could leave a comment. If you had sent Becky's Scottie dog, Duhgall a birthday wish, you got another chance to win. If you were going to send Jack a heart you got another chance to win. All in all, you could get 3 chances to win.

I had earlier sent Duhgall a birthday wish and since I am making a heart to send to Jack, I got 3 chances to win. On Monday night, Becky let Duhgall pick a name out of the basket and my name was the one picked. I told Becky to be sure to give "Doogie" an extra dog biscuit for picking my name. I am just so excited.

If you have not had a chance to visit Becky's blog, Sweet Cottage Dreams, please do so. It is a beautiful blog and her dogs are the cutest ever.
Please head over and visit Kim's blog, Dear Daisy Cottage. It is precious too. You can also read the story about Jack's wife Tabatha. She died on January 23, 2010. The deadline to send a heart to Kim to be sent to Jack is March 31st, so there is still time. You might want to make one too!

Just think, your random act of kindness could mean the world to this sweet man who lost his wife to cancer and who is hurting right now. We never know what small thing we can do to brighten someones day.

Thanks Becky for making my day!

Love & blessings,


  1. Congratulations! That's so cute!

  2. YEH for you!!! I have won several things lately...need to do a post about them. Isn't it fun???!!!

  3. Congratulations!! I have entered so many things lately, but so far nothing. Yours is adorable.

  4. G'morn & CONGRATS! on your lovely win. I tried to convince her that she misread my name on that entry, chuckle. So glad you are going to enjoy such a lovely gift.

    Happy spring!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. So super cute - congratulations! So exciting to win, isn't it!?!?

  6. Congratulations, What a grand Giveaway that was I am sorry I missed it!
    Looks like you should buy a lottery ticket or
    I am having a Easter Candy Cup Giveaway.
    Stop on by for a chance to win!
    Join the Fun

    Hugs, Diane

  7. Congrats! Lucky you.

    I love Kim's blog and I read about Jack. So sad.


  8. Congratulations , I love It !

  9. Oh I adore this heart and the idea behind it!

    Becky's site is indeed beautiful.

    Blessings to you. Is your mom doing any better?

  10. Congrats on your win! What a cute pillow! I just won my first bloggy contest tonight too over at Designs by Gollum. It's so exciting, isn't it?! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Congratulations on your win. I have visited Becky before and know that she is a very talented seamstress.

  12. Congratulations on your giveaway win! The heart is adorable.

    What a wonderful thing to do for Jack, and I love the idea of placing all of the hearts in a basket. I'm sure he will be so touched with all of the hearts. Bloggers are incredible, caring, and giving people aren't they!?!

  13. i love your heart and the sweet idea
    behind it. such sweet ladies.

    i am an empty nester too. after 25
    years of raising children, it feels
    very strange.

    thank goodness, my husband still
    loves me! :)

  14. PS: Doogie was given a biscuit in your honor! He IS such a wonderful little guy. You'd love him to pieces if you met him!


  15. Hi sweetie pie! Oh, thank you for mentioning about Hearts For Jack. I just am so looking forward to reading about Jack's hearts - that of which he should be getting here soon from Kim.

    So happy that you like your heart! It just warms MY heart to know you like it so.

    sending hugs from California,