Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Memories~Mountain Visit - Part 1

I thought I would share some of my birthday pictures with you, but the computer is not co-operating and it will only let me upload 5 pictures at a time. I will just do this post in parts and hopefully that will work. This is a picture of my adorable cake holder that my sister gave me for my birthday with my initials on it. She also gave me a matching cupcake/pie/deviled egg holder that has the same polka dots, but on the side, it says "eat more dessert". My blogger friend, Joyce sent me these beautiful flowers. The flowers were so pretty that I decided to take them to the mountains with us for the weekend and then back home on Sunday. Joyce, thanks so much! I have really enjoyed my flowers. They are still so pretty!
Here is a picture of a barn with a pretty quilt painted on the side. There is a driving tour that you can take throughout the countryside to see lots of barns with quilts painted on them. We are going to do that this summer and enjoy seeing all the pretty quilts. For those of you who don't know me well, I LOVE to make quilts.
On Saturday we went antiquing. What fun to look for some special treasures. I did not find anything on this trip, but I have found some great things there in the past. I have a collection of milk glass, so I am always on the lookout for new and different pieces.
Lunch with my parents, my sister and my Aunt Venita. (in the red top)
We had a great lunch and lots of fun being together and celebrating my birthday.

This is a picture taken from my sister's front porch. It is much prettier when the leaves are on the trees, but I thought you would like to see the Christmas trees that are planted there. North Carolina grows lots of Christmas trees that are shipped all over the US.
As you can see, we had a great birthday weekend being together with family last weekend. I will do a second post and share some more pictures, since I can't get anymore to upload on this post.


  1. What a nice birthday you had! I enjoyed the photos too!

  2. what a great birthday celebration! great pics too! just a tip, after you download the five pictures you can then download five more.

  3. I love these pics. Thanks for sharing. The cakekeeper is adorable!! What a fun gift. I want to go to that antique shop. Looks like you a great weekend. Your sister has a beautiful view out her front door.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that cake carrier! That is adorable!

    Your sister has a beautfiul view out her front door...Have a blessed Easter week!