Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Camera Cord!!!

I have never been so frustrated, but I think my dilemma is over. I hope and pray!!! Back in the fall I misplaced my camera cord that connects my camera to the computer. I kept thinking it would show up, but have not found it after about 5 months. It must have sprouted legs and walked off. I just can't imagine!

Anyway, my husband and son-in-law looked 3 places for me yesterday to try to find me another one and had no luck. They were referred to the Sony website. I was thrilled with that choice and immediately looked online for the cord. Needless to say, I found it, but it was $40. I was willing to pay that, although it seemed high to me. I proceeded to order it and low and behold, they were sold out. GREAT!!! Just my luck.

I proceeded to plan B. I Googled the name of the camera and cord and found a similar cord on Amazon. YEA!!! It said in the write-up that the cord was not the original to the camera, but it is new and is compatible with my model of camera. And the best part, it was only $1.99. I was ecstatic. You all just don't know how much I have missed being able to upload my current pictures for my blog. I have had to rely on old pictures that are already in my computer.

With shipping, my new cord will cost me less than $7. Now I am just hoping and praying that it will work with my camera as promised in the write-up. I so want to upload recent pictures to share with all of you who read my blog.

Wish me luck, the cord is supposed to be shipped on Monday, so I should get it this week. I can't wait to see if it works and to be able to upload my new photos. Not that I am a great photographer, by any means, but it is just nice to have current photos to share with all my sweet blog friends.

My daughter got home from her wonderful spring break trip in Destin, Florida last night and we are going to have a fun day today celebrating my birthday. For brunch today we are going out to eat with my parents and tonight we are going out with a dear friend.
I so love my time with family and friends!! I hope all of you have a great day.


  1. Yay for pictures again! Have fun with your pre-birthday celebration : )

    I just booked our flights for Easter...I cannot wait to see my girls!

  2. So glad you have finally found your cord. I know,it is tough to not be able to get your pictures downloaded. Plus, they start mounting up and you have so many to put on! I guess we'll know if it works when we see pics on Tuesday!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  3. I hope your cord works. I understand your frustration. I cannot stand to lose something. Have a great day!! xoxo

  4. yay! for getting a new cord. maybe i should look on amazon for a printer cord. since the move, we cannot find it anywhere!

  5. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. So glad you are getting that new cord.

    Barb ♥

  6. Did it work? You can also buy a little card reader that reads your memory card and lets you upload pics without a cord. You could try that too. I hope it goes well!

  7. I really do hope the cord works! I was online with Kodak for over an hour this am trying to fix my photo program.

    Did Adelaide get some great shopping done in Destin?

  8. I hope your cord works too. You know, the day it arrives, you will probably find the old one! lol

  9. I HATE looking for things....and seems like its always a cord or camera charger.....
    Hope this one works.

  10. I wish there was an easier use these cameras. I sometimes miss the old film type. At least you knew what you got, had the photos in your hand and didn't have to worry about cords.

    But I do love being able to take a million photos just to get that one keeper.


  11. Sure hope the cord is perfect and comes real soon.

    Happy Birthday sweet friend.


  12. First of all "Happy Birthday" to you!
    I'm so glad your girls were able to be there to celebrate your birthday with you. Sounds like it was lots of fun.

    It just shouldn't be that difficult to find the cord, should it?

    I know exactly how you feel about adding pictures. I'm such a visual person and love pictures. I love to look at pictures even when I don't know the people in them. Ha!

    I'm believing this cord will work and you'll be back to posting pictures in no time.

    Have a great day my precious friend!


  13. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the new cord works. It is so frustrating when something is missing and you can't seem to find it anywhere. Been there!!
    Hope you had a Happy Birthday and enjoy a lovely week.

  14. Oh My...I feel your pain!
    I would be lost without the ability to download photos!!!!!

    Wow, what a difference in prices for that cord....Hopefully it works!

    Happy Birthday to You! Was it the 14th? Same day as our Anniversary? Wow!

    Have a piece of cake for me!,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...