Sunday, May 30, 2010

My New Baby!

This is my new baby, Sunny!!! A yellow canary! Isn't he/she/it sweet? I don't know the sex yet, but I think it may be a male, since it chirps and chatters a lot. I hope it is, because male canaries sing and have the prettiest voices. From here on out, I will just refer to Sunny as a male.
My Bible study leader has 2 canaries and they had 4 babies on March 6th. I had always loved Nancy's birds and when she offered me one of the babies, I was thrilled. Growing up I never had a bird, so I was not sure how it would be taking care of a bird, but I have loved it!
Sunny's cage sits on a bookcase between my computer desk and a window and I enjoy watching Sunny when I am in my office on the computer. Sunny recognizes me when I come in and comes to sit on his perch in the corner of the cage closest to the computer. Sunny will look at me and cock his head and chatter at me. It is so cute!! I can talk to Sunny and he will listen just like he knows what I am saying.

I have had Sunny for a week, but have grown attached to him already. It is very easy to take care of for all the joy that I have gotten from having him. Sunny loves to take a bath, so several times a week, I put a dish of water in the cage and Sunny has the best time bathing. It is so much fun to watch Sunny having a good time in the water!

Since my girls are out of the nest, I now have my little animals to keep me company. We have our chihuahua named Holly, our cat named Sassy and our little canary named Sunny!! Life is good!


  1. I love birds! Congrats on your feather-baby.

  2. What a cute little thing!! He's "woodstock" yellow...

  3. I had a bird as a kid and loved him. His name was Timmy and he was also yellow. Enjoy your new friend.

  4. What a sweet bird. And Sunny is the perfect name! Thanks for stopping by (I've been bad about blogging) and have a great Memorial Day!!

  5. Hi Melinda,

    Sunny is too adorable. My friend used to have a little bird called Sunny. Although, I'm not sure if he was a canary or not. I bet if you googled someone would have more info on hhow to tell the sex. The reason I know is I had to do a google search myself trying to determine the sex of two cats that took up around here.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.


  6. Well, I would guess Sunny is a lot lower maintenance than a dog, so I guess he'll be a great pet. However, I am ready to be foot loose and fancy free and have NO pets! The two dogs that live here may be our last! I hope that doesn't sound bad, but Lucie is very high maintenance and our little dachsund is already 11.5.


  7. Sunny is wonderful! I had a few canaries when I was child and I loved to hear them sing! Just be careful of drafts-they don't do well in drafty places. Good luck with your birdie!

  8. awww...he is sweet. my granny always had a couple of birds.

  9. How cute! Such a sunny yellow color so his name is perfect! I can see why you're loving have him.


  10. A huge thank you and a hug for your DAD!

    I HEART SUNNY! We had a canary. They are wonderful happy birds that make your home a happier place! Ours loved to be taken outside in the cage(DEFINITELY in the SHADE). He'd sing and sing to all the birds. Have fun with him!

  11. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to meet him! I am glad that you have enjoyed the company!

  12. I love Sunny! What does the cat think?

    It is amazing how much company pets are and full the house feels when you have them.

    I think Sunny might need some company! You might need to get him/her a companion! :)