Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Weekend & Anniversary Celebrations!!!!

On Saturday, May 15th, Tom and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary and we also celebrated my sweet son-in-law, Thomas' graduation from college. We went to visit Lauren and Thomas for the weekend and had the most fun being together. I got my pictures loaded in backwards, but what else is new? We will start with pictures from Saturday night and go back to Friday. Sorry!
Here is my delicious dinner that night after graduation. I had filet medallions with mashed potatoes and we also ordered lots of other yummy sides to share, but I forgot to take pictures of those.
Adelaide and Lauren were looking as beautiful as ever! I am so proud of my two girls. They are the joy of my life!!!
Heading into the restaurant. Lauren, Adelaide, Tom(my husband in the pink shirt), Brent(Thomas' brother in the blue shirt).
Del Frisco's is the restaurant where we ate after graduation and it was so good!!! The service was excellent and we had a wonderful time celebrating Thomas! After dinner us gals dashed over to Belk to take advantage of a Lilly sale and we all got some new Lilly clothes for summer. We only had about 40 minutes to shop, but we didn't let that stop us from doing some damage. We all managed to pick out some great new outfits! What fun!!!
My sweet family. Us girls all wore our Lilly dresses for the graduation. In case you haven't noticed by now... we love Lilly.
Lauren and Adelaide!
Lauren and Thomas. Don't they make a cute couple? They just recently celebrated their 3 year wedding anniversary on May 5th! I can't believe that they have already been married for 3 years.
Another shot of us with Thomas. We are so proud of him. He worked full time and finished his college education.
Thomas with his parents. Mom (Cindy), Dad (Mike) and brother (Brent).
Thomas is so thrilled to be finished!
Lauren giving Thomas a big hug after graduating! Way to go Thomas!!! We are so proud of you!
That is Thomas shaking the chancellor's hand on the screen.
I just had to include this picture. On the morning of graduation, Lauren and I got up and took our showers to get ready to leave and we both came out wearing the same Lilly dress. It was so funny!!! Since I did not bring many clothes, Lauren changed and I wore the blue dress to graduation.
Our family loves sweets, so needless to say, we had to have a special cake for our special guy, Thomas, for his graduation . This cake had fresh strawberries in the buttercream icing between the layers and it was delicious!!!!
On Friday night we celebrated at another great restaurant called Firebirds. It is Lauren and Thomas' favorite restaurant for hamburgers. We had to wait at the bar until our table was ready. I can't believe it, but Adelaide is now 21 and can join us at the bar.
The happy couple... Lauren and Thomas!
Thomas, Lauren, Tom and Adelaide. I am so blessed to have such a great family. Love you guys!!!
Isn't this neat? This is a huge glass jar of pineapple slices at the bar. They soak these in liquor for 21 days and put the slices in drinks that people order. It looked so pretty sitting on the end of the bar.

I did not get pictures on Sunday morning, since most of us were still in our pajamas, but Lauren and Thomas treated everyone to a delicious breakfast at their house. They fixed eggs benedict and Lauren made her famous Hollandaise sauce, which was awesome!!! I had gotten fresh strawberries at the farmer's market, so we had those too. It was sooooooo good!!!

As you can see, we had the best time being together last weekend and celebrating our anniversary, as well as Thomas' graduation from college. I love my time with my family and making memories together.


  1. It looks as though you all had a great family time celebrating. You food looked sooooo good! Love the dresses too!

  2. Congrats again to your son in law. Looks like a wonderful weekend and I'm drooling over the filet medallions...that looks scrumptious! Leave it to me to comment on the food : )

    I love the dresses too!

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend. Congrats on the graduation and the anniversary! Both are wonderful milestones!

  4. Well happy anniversary and those were lovely photos too, thanks for sharing your day with us bloggers. Hugs Barbara

  5. Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating! Don't you love the Lilly section at Belk? Kathryn is so helpful too! Can't wait to see what yall got!

  6. Loved hearing about your weekend! Congrats to your son-in-law! Did you get the cake at Maxie B's?

  7. Congrats to you!!! Enjoyed the great pics.

  8. Congrats all around! It looks like it was a wonderful time.

  9. These are great pics. You have such a sweet family. We love you guys so much. Your girls are the best!!!!

  10. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I love that you and Lauren came out in the same dress. Last but not least, Happy Anniversary! You are just a few years behind my husband and I.

  11. Congratulations to you and your husband on your 34 anniversary and to Thomas for receiving his colleges degree! It looks like you had wonderful celebrations. Love your Lilly dresses!

  12. What a great weekend!! Congrats! So glad you had so much fun!! xoxo

  13. What a beautiful family you have! And 34 years! Congrats, I am just starting my 9th but I am looking forward to at least 34!
    p.s.I wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog! Thanks for taking your time, I appreciate everyone!

  14. So many wonderful photos to document lots of things to celebrate!

    Cute photo of the two of you in the same the dress by the way.


  15. Hi!
    Yes, I eat at Chelseas in Biltmore Village all of the time! I love the quiche sampler plate with pasta and chicken salad!

  16. Happy Anniversary and congrats to your son in law! I love that you and your daughter ended up in the same funny! LOVELY family!

  17. Happy anniversary (a little belated!)! John and I will be celebrating 31 yrs. in Aug. not too far behind you! Congratulations to your son-in-law too! Your girls are so pretty and I can't believe you and your one daughter had on the same exact dress-how funny! I love Firebirds and I have sampled that drink with the pineapple and it is awesome! I usually just stick to tea but on special occasions I have had that. I'm glad a wonderful time was had by all!

  18. What a lovely weekend. Congratulations on you anniversary and the graduation. I am trying to figure out where you are from in NC. We used to have beach music downtown in Greensboro, but that does not look like G'boro. Can't place the college either.

  19. Looks like your life is full of excitment right now. Such fun pictures. Love that you share with us.

    Barb ♥

  20. Happy Anniversary! In this day and age that is a wonderful feat!

    I adore your dresses. Dillards watch out.

  21. How lovely a family you have... God is so good to us ,isn't he .
    Congratulations on your anniversary!Enjoy each day you have as if it were your last..I have a grandson graduating from High school Saturday. Hope to get some pictures for me.
    I just came back from a 3 day visit to Charolette,N.C. ,staying with friends for 3 days. I will be leaving for Topsail beach Monday for 2 weeks with a daughter & her family. Have a great summer.

  22. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I know what a blessing it is to have a wonderful marriage.

    And, congratulations to Thomas on his graduation. What a wonderful celebration.

    You girls look great in your new Lilly's.

    Where is the beach music? We love beach musid, too.

  23. Congratulations to your son-in-law. Love the dresses.

  24. Oops - congratulations on your anniversary as well!

  25. This is my first visit here, and congratulations to your son in law, he does look very happy. How cute you and your daughters love the same clothing line. All that good food you show, yum.

  26. What a fun weekend we had! Thomas had a great time and I am glad that we got to celebrate!

    We will have to plan another fun weekend soon!