Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A Happy Mother's Day to all my blogger friends who are Moms! I hope you all have a very special day and that your family celebrates wonderful you today. And for all those who still have Moms who are living, I hope you have a wonderful day with your Mom.

Being a Mom is the hardest, but most rewarding job a woman can ever have. I would not trade it for anything!!! I have 2 beautiful daughters that I am very proud of and being their Mom has been such a blessing to me. I love you girls!!!

My sweet Mom has been an amazing example to me of what a Godly Mother should be. She raised me in a Christian home, took me to church from the time I was born, loved me unconditionally, taught me how to be a loving wife and Mother by setting a great example for me and taught me how to be a wonderful cook and homemaker.

Most importantly, she taught me about the importance of FAMILY. Of always being there for each other and for loving one another through the good and the bad. We are a very close family and have done so many fun things together over my lifetime and have made so many wonderful memories.

Mom writes and sends lots of cards and letters to friends and family on a daily basis and has passed that love on to me. Mom is an amazing cook and her ministry has always been spoiling us with her great meals. She loves nothing more than fixing a wonderful sweet treat to have at the end of one of her meals. That is where I got my love of sweets!

I am so blessed to still have my Mother in my life and to enjoy her company so much. We are Mother and daughter, as well as best friends. We have always loved doing things with each other. Thanks Mom for all the great times we have shared together and also for the love you have showered on my own girls, as well.

My Mom just turned 86, but I hope I have many more Mother's Day celebrations to share with her. I love you Mom!!! I am blessed to be your daughter.

Since I seem to always be the one taking the pictures, I could not find a picture of me with Mom when I was doing this post. These pictures are of my youngest daughter, Adelaide with Mom and Dad on 2 occasions.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother. Thank you for sharing the joy of your life.

    I am happy to find your blog. It is lovely and we have much in common.

  2. I am blessed to still have my mom here on this side of heaven, too. She is still the heart and soul of our family. Thanks for the beautiful post and Happy Mother's Day.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to motherhood! It's easy to see that you appreciate the blessings God has sent to you...and it's obvious that your dear mother is a shining example for her family.

    My mother is still still here on earth, bodily, but sadly, her spirit is somewhere in transition. It frightens me for her not to be able to speak to me and tell me where she 'is', but I know that God is on this path with her.

    Happy Happy Mother's Day Blessings to you AND your Mom~

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you! And a sweet tribute to your mom on this special day!


  5. Greetings fellow North Carolinian~~ I so enjoyed reading about you and your mom...Such great tributes to her~~ Enjoy your time with her. My mom is still living, but lets just say, she is not herself and I miss that~~ I do however have a mother in law who is like my mother to me....Like you, I feel so blessed~~
    Take care, Faye

  6. What great pics. You have a wonderful mom and you are a wonderful mom too. Your girls are blessed!!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  7. Thank you for sharing about your family - so inspiring. I hope my girls and I will have this kind of relationship for always too. Happy mothers day (belated!)

  8. Happy Mothers Day to YOU and your sweet Mom.


  9. Your parents look so sweet! You are blessed!