Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Little Dog Holly!!

Several of my readers have asked me to do a post on our little dog, Holly. 10 years ago Santa brought Holly to my daughter, Adelaide for Christmas. She weighed one pound when we got her and she was so tiny! Here is Holly giving Adelaide "kisses" when we went to visit at college this past fall. Holly misses Adelaide so much when she is away at college.
Holly has a pink bed and she loves to ride in the car with me wherever I go. Here is Holly traveling with me down to the beach this past fall to visit a dear friend of mine. Holly was going to visit her friend Daisy at the beach. Holly loves to run errands with me too, and the ladies at the bank always give her a dog treat when we go through the drive through line.
When Holly goes outside, if the sun is out, she will lay down and roll in the grass and feel the warm sun on her tummy. She loves to get her stomach rubbed too!
Holly is quite the lapdog. She loves to sit in your lap and snuggle. Holly gets spoilt by my parents and enjoys going to their house to visit and sit in my Mom and Dad's laps.
Don't you just love Holly's pearls? She is quite the fashion plate, don't you think? She has an extensive wardrobe of dog clothes. Sun dresses, a raincoat, a Santa suit for Christmas, party dresses, sweaters, etc. She and Adelaide both look so adorable dressed up in their pearls. Excuse Adelaide's red eyes. I thought I got that corrected, but evidently it didn't work. Sorry! She actually has gorgeous blue eyes.

We have a cat named Sassy and Holly bosses Sassy around. It is so funny. They enjoy each other's company, but the cat is a wimp and won't stand up to Holly. It is so funny to see Holly chase the cat around the house.
We love our animals and treat them like our "other children". They are spoilt rotten, but we wouldn't have it any other way!!! They bring a lot of joy into our lives!


  1. Many kisses to Holly. She's an angel! Anytime you need a pet sitter in OKLA. we are here to spoil her. Love those fur babies.

  2. Your puppy-dog is precious! And your daughter is a gorgeous girl!

  3. What a sweet dog. Holly is one classy pooch!

  4. Adorable! I know all about spoiling our fur babies. Miss Daisy is definitely spoiled rotten. It's easy to do.


  5. Holly is adorable, but your daughter is GORGEOUS!

  6. She is so cute! I do love those pearls. She is one classy little girl!


  7. How cute is Holly!!! I love her. Love the pearls--she's very stylish.

  8. Holly is adorable. I have a chihuahua named Peanut. She is a bit spoiled too. They are lovable little lap dogs. That's so cute how Holly travels with you in the car. Peanut is kind of a nervous wreck when we take her anywhere.

  9. Aww! Holls! What a sweet post about such a sweet little dog!