Thursday, February 18, 2010

7 Things

Elizabeth at Kentucky Mama posted about 7 Things you can't leave home without (besides your kids). I thought it would be fun to play along. If you want to play along, put your answers in the comments section.

1. I always have my camera in my purse. Who knows when that special "Kodak" moment might happen and I want to be prepared.

2. Notepad and pen. I am a list maker and I always want to have my notepad handy to write down any important information. I love to collect recipes, websites, books that I might want to read, etc. and the pad comes in handy for that. I am a huge list maker. My lists even have lists!!!

3. Lipstick. I always have to have my lipstick. My lips get dry, plus, I like to have some color on my face and can't stand for my lips to be without lipstick.

4. Pictures of my children. I have pictures of my children in my wallet to show everyone. And that includes a picture of my son-in-law too. I love my girls and my son-in-law!! I guess you have figured that out by now.

5. My calendar. I am a real visual person and I have to have my calendar with all my activities written on it. I write everything on my calendar and I love to look at it and "plan" my activities out. In other words, I like to see everything in writing.

6. Cell phone. I always have to have my cell phone. I want my children to be able to get in touch with me if they need me. I also like to be available in case my parents might need me. It is just a good security blanket to have with me at all times.

7. My knitting. Those of you who know me, will chuckle at this one. You know that I always have a tote bag with me that has my knitting in it. I can't stand to be somewhere and not have something to do. I always have a knitting project of some kind going at all times. Right now I am knitting a baby afghan.

OK, that is my list. Now what are the things that you never leave home without?


  1. looks like we've got a lot in common!

  2. I just grab my purse but the seven things in it I don't like to be without include a pen, cell phone, Altoid mini mints, sunglasses, debit card, tissues, calculator.

  3. Well - we could certainly travel together..but you totally lost me on the knitting. I don't knit but I do need to take some type of busy work along...just today I was "stuck" in a doctor's waiting room and something like that would have come in perfect. Something to think about. I like small purses, I can't take much:)

    Have a great weekend - its almost here.

  4. I always enjoy these things since we get to find out a little more about each other.

    Okay, here goes:

    money/credit cards


  5. I am bad!! I have gotten to the point where I only carry my wallet and cell phone. No purse, no knitting.

    I have got to get it together, and soon!

  6. Morning M! I too have most of the things on your list except I can never remember the camera!!! I look like a ghost without lipstick so that is definitely a must!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend and it's warm!!! Show us your baby blanket when you finish please!!! Sincerely, Jeannette

  7. Oh how fun. I will do this sometime soon

  8. I think my list would be similar except I don't knit. I do generally have a book on me though in case any waiting is involved in my day.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Oh my gosh, you have to have enough presence of mind to make a list like this. That leaves me out!

    Hi. I found you through Texas Blogging Gals and came by to say hello. You can find me at, so come by and say howdy sometime.

  10. I lost my puppy dog two week's ago yesterday and I am still broken hearted. She was a min pin but looks like your darling dog. they really do leave paw prints on your heart.
    Love you,DEbbie

  11. Yep! Those are your go to items! I don't know what mine are... definitely iphone and lip gloss. I normally carry my wallet and coupons too.

  12. It is so nice to hear from you-My mom has told me all about you! What a small world! I love young life! Adelaide actually knows one of the girls I am a leader with. The semester is going well! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  13. Mine is very similar to yours, but without the knitting. I always have to have my reading glasses too.

  14. sunglasses, lipstick, blackberry (for phone and calendar so we'll count that as two)...hmmm...that's just five. Purse makes six. Keys make seven!

  15. I have the same list except I don't knit.
    Humm......probably the 7th thing would have to be my purse that holds the other 25 little items I have but don't necessarily need. :) I take my purse everywhere.

  16. Loved your list. Camera....I forgot that I always have my camera!!!

  17. Like you I always have a Knitting tote with me.
    If I do not bring one with me my husband will ask if I am feeling ok.