Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Fives Again!

I honestly don't know where the week has gone! This week has flown by for me and I wonder if it has for you. I realized when I started to post for my blog that I had not posted anything since last Friday. Sorry gals, the week got away from me!!

My husband was off work on Monday, but I had to work. We had dinner that night with my sweet parents.

On Tuesday, I went out to eat dinner with my dear friends from my former church. We call ourselves the WOW's (short for...wild, old women!!!) These ladies and I have known each other since we all had our babies. We taught Bible school and Sunday school together, were in the same Sunday school class, raised our children together, etc. I think you get the picture. We have been through lots of good times, as well as hard times too.

Wednesday night I ran errands after work. I ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A and ran into a gal that I had been in high school with. I had not seen her since high school (38 years ago), so we enjoyed catching up with each other and hearing about our children. After that I went to visit my dear friend Sherian at her Mom's house. Another friend joined us and we worked on crafts, talked and had the most delicious pumpkin roll and Russian tea. I always love my time out with girlfriends!

Thursday after work I met with some friends and we prayed for a friend's daughter who is battling alcoholism and very low self esteem. She just checked herself into a rehab center today. We know that God will take care of her and she will one day be free of her addiction. It was my night for a haircut and afterwards I picked up my parents and took them out to dinner. My Mom had an appointment today with her eye doctor and learned that following cataract surgery on December 8th, she now has a detached retina. This will require her to have surgery on Tuesday to repair the retina. I pray that the surgery will be successful and that she will get her vision back in that eye.

On a happier note, we are leaving on Friday morning to go to the mountains to visit my sister and celebrate Adelaide's 21st birthday on Sunday!!! I am driving my parents up and my husband will come up on Saturday morning. Our married daughter, Lauren, is coming up on Friday to spend the day with Adelaide and they are going to have "girl time" together. It will be a fun weekend being together with family.

We are following Suzanne again over at Southern Inspiration on the Friday Fives!!! I enjoyed it so much last week and it gives us all a chance to learn more about each other. Just remember to post your answers in the comments section.

1. Are you the leading lady or the best supporting actress? In other words, are you the life of the party or do you wait for her to arrive and then join in the fun?

2. Do you like cool, calm colors or warm, invigorating colors?

3. What do you most look forward to about Spring?

4. What do you like to do best: decorate, organize or entertain?

5. Best snacks for you...sweet or salty?

Enjoy answering the questions, have a wonderful weekend and I will let you know about our trip to the mountains!


  1. 1. I am the best supporting actress. I LOVE to talk, but I would not say that I am the life of the party. I let others take the lead and I follow suit.

    2. I love to wear very bright, bold colors. My favorite color is blue. I am especially fond of turquoise and I just read the other day that it is the color of 2010. Lucky me!!
    Because of my love for bright colors, I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer clothes. All my Lilly things just make me feel happy when I wear them!

    3. The one thing that I look forward to in the spring is the arrival of the daffodils. They are my favorite flowers and I have them planted all in my yard. I love to pick huge bouquets of them in the spring time to enjoy in my house. Along with the daffodils blooming is my birthday on March 15th!

    4. I love to cook, so I would say that my favorite one of these 3 words is to entertain. I love cooking a good meal and having friends and family over to share in the food and fellowship.

    5. The best snack for me is something sweet. Anyone that knows me well, knows how much I LOVE sweets! I love to bake, so I am all the time making cookies, cake, pies, etc. to share with others. I am always the one who brings desserts to share at Bible study.

  2. 1. Supporting actress.

    2. I like looking at bright colors but tend to wear more toned down or neutral shades in clothing. My home decor is also softer.

    3. For me, spring means tulips and the return of robins.

    4. Organize

    5. I like salty snacks.

  3. 1. I'm more of a supporting actress. But my husband is definitely a leading man.

    2. I like to wear bright colors because I think they look best with my skin tones. My house has bold, red, golds.

    3. MORE DAYLIGHT!...gardening and getting back to longer walks in milder temps...course here we may still have snow in April but I really really hope not.

    4. Entertain for sure.

    5. Gotta have both...I like sweet with salty.

    Have fun with your girls! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  4. 1. Are you the leading lady or the best supporting actress? Supporting actress please.

    2. Do you like cool, calm colors or warm, invigorating colors? I Love all colors. But I wear mostly blues and greens. Some pink too. My house has a lot of blue white and green , with some yellow to keep it from feeling too cold.

    3. What do you most look forward to about Spring?
    Being able to open the windows again!
    Flowering trees and shrubs- Forsythia, Lilac and Eastern Redbud are some of my favorites.
    And Easter! We always have the whole family over and have a big egg hunt.

    4. What do you like to do best: decorate, organize or entertain?
    I think i'm good at organizing. I also like to decorate and make the house or the food on the table look pretty. I entertain only on a small scale. (family or small groups of friends.) I enjoy doing all three when my sisters are there to do it with me.

    5. Best snacks for you...sweet or salty?
    Both. For sweet it's cookies and for salty it's anything cheesy.

  5. YOU WON!! YOU WON!! You won a $10 giftcard from Starbucks in my giveaway. Send your mailing address to me via e-mail and I'll get the card to you ASAP.

  6. 1. I wait for the life of the party. I would rather serve from the kitchen!

    2. I love pink and yellow but my home is all the warm colors!

    3. The warmth of the sun!!!!!!!!!

    4. ORGANIZE!

    5. Salty! I love a chip or cracker!

  7. I'll do questions shortly, but wanted to pop in and say - my word you've had a busy week!!! :)

  8. Best supporting
    Cool & calm
    Both! salty just a little more than sweet.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You've been a busy little lady!
    I'll continue to pray for your sweet Momma. Bless her heart!

    1. Best supporting
    2. Hummmm......I guess I would say bold colors
    3. The way spring smells & everything starting to bloom & of course, warmth.
    4. Organize
    5. Salty

    Love ya Melinda!