Monday, July 20, 2009

Girls Getaway at the Lake!!!

I am leaving this morning for a getaway trip to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia!!! I am going with my Bible study gals that I meet with on Monday mornings during the school year. Including me, there are 6 of us. We have been together for almost 5 years and have weathered lots of life's storms together. We are a praying group and have really prayed for each other over the years and have seen many prayers answered in some amazing ways. God is so good!!

When we meet during the school year, we do a book study. We have read and discussed some amazing books. I can't wait to see what we will decide to study this fall. We have not been together since we got together in June to celebrate one of the ladies' birthday, so there will be lots to talk about. We email each other, but there is nothing better than talking to each other in person. I'm sure it will be hard to get a word in edgewise. LOL!

One of the ladies in our group has a beautiful cabin at the lake right on the water, so we will enjoy the beautiful scenery. Last year when we went, we spent most of our time floating on the water and just being lazy. We may decide to hit the jet skiis this time if we are adventurous. There is a ski boat, but we probably won't ski.

We all share in taking food, so there is lots of great food to eat. I made homemade caramel corn to take to munch on and I also baked a chocolate cake. In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE sweets. Got to have my sweet fix while I am away! I am also going to make a zucchini quiche.

I treasure my time away with my girlfriends and it will be nice to get renewed and refreshed. On a sad note, my camera has decided not to work, and I did not have time to see what the problem was before leaving, so I will be minus a camera. I take my camera with me all the time, so I will be lost without it. Oh well, I guess I will survive. I will have to check out the problem when I return and I may be shopping for a new camera.

My daughter and I returned late Saturday afternoon from the mountains and got dressed and headed right to a wedding. Sunday was spent going to church, spending time with the family at the pool, going out for Mexican food last night, doing laundry, unpacking and re-packing and cooking for the trip. Are there ever enough hours in the day?

Since I don't have a laptop, I won't be on the computer until I return late Wednesday evening. Have a wonderful week and I will catch up with everyone Wednesday night!

Love & blessings from NC!


  1. You are one busy lady. It all sounds like fun though. I envy you. No vacations here this summer. I'll be waiting to hear all about your trips.

  2. I absolutely love girlfriend retreats! Such a great renewal time and like you said, going with praying friends is the best ever. I do it a couple of times a year with a group of friends and look forward to it each time.


  3. I am always looking for books to study in my bible group. Would you share some titles? We are currently doing a Beth Moore study.

  4. You've been a busy gal!

    I know you and your Bible study ladies will have a wonderful time.
    It's so good to have friends like that who are also prayer warriors.
    It sounds like lots of fun and the food you're taking all sounds so yummy!

  5. Would love to hear more about your time at the lake - my husband and I were just talking last night about Smith Mountain Lake! We've never been there - but I think we would love to visit!

    By the way, I hope you recieved my contact information...I did forward it. Have a great weekend!