Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Spring/Summer Clothes!!!

Having 2 girls is such a plus when it comes to clothes, makeup and shopping. They always want me to look my best and not look like an "old lady". Thanks girls for helping me stay young. I found this sweater recently at Target and my youngest daughter told me to get it, because it looked like one that they had at J Crew for a lot less money. I wasn't sure of the gray color at first, but I have loved it! I wear it with a bright colored (turquoise or hot pink) tank top underneath and a beautiful necklace and it looks so cute with jeans for work. I teach pre-school, so my uniform of choice is a nice pair of blue jeans.

I love this white blouse that I found at our local Lilly store back in the winter. It is not Lilly, but I thought it was just so cute. The 3/4 length sleeves are so unusual and they have bows tied on the cuffs. You probably can't see in the picture, but there are tucks up around the neckline. This blouse was 75% off, so I got a real steal on it. Love those good bargains!!!

This is another beautiful silk top that I found at the Lilly store for 75% off. I love the sleeves too and the detail around the neck is so pretty. There are little flower rosettes and they have beads sewn on them for added detail. I thought this top would look great with white pants for summer and a cute pair of sandals!

My youngest daughter loves EBay and is always sending me links to look online for good buys. Don't you just love someone to do your shopping for you? Thanks Adelaide!! She found this skirt for me and I won it. $18!!! How about that for a good deal. It had been worn, but it looks brand new. I love a long, flowing skirt in the summer with a cute tee shirt and sandals.

Adelaide found this skirt for me on EBay and I didn't want to take the chance on losing it, so I just "bought it now". It is my favorite, because I love blue!! I love the striped detail on the hem and also on the front pockets. This skirt is shorter, but not too short. I don't want to look like a teenager. These bright colors are just so happy.

When my daughter was home on spring break, we went to a wonderful consignment store that we heard had lots of Lilly stuff. I bought these 2 pair of gently worn capris there. I loved the colors and the prints. The blue pair has monkeys on them. So cute!! Blue is my favorite color, but I also love pink. A girl has to have some pink in her wardrobe!!!

This was my bargain find at TJ Maxx. I found this gorgeous top in the rack of blouses and it was the only Lilly blouse that they had. It was $15 and the original price was $150. What a steal!! The colors are amazing and did not photograph that well. It is dark navy, hot pink and pretty shades of green. I wear pearls with it and it looks so pretty. Every time I wear it, I get a compliment on it. It really dresses up a pair of jeans.
I didn't take pictures of them, but Adelaide found me the cutest 3/4 sleeve cardigans back in the winter at the J Crew outlet. She got me one in hot pink and one in turquoise. They were really cheap. I think they were about $15 each. I have loved them this spring with a tank top underneath and a beautiful necklace. I love new clothes, but I am a thrifty shopper. That way I can have more for my money.

I have a pretty hot pink double breasted trench coat that I inherited from my daughter and it has been the hit of the spring season. Every time I wear it, somebody wants to know where I got it. I'm going to have to purchase some more "FUN" coats. I might have to check out Old Navy and see what they have. With the weather staying cool, I need a light coat during this time of year.
I can't wait for my daughter to be home for Easter break and hopefully we can hit Target and some of our other favorite shopping spots and look for some more good buys. Take care ladies. I hope you enjoyed looking at my new purchases. What have you all been purchasing for spring/summer?


  1. How fabulous that your daughter scouts out the cute fashions for you!!! That's really neat...and they are ALL so cute!


  2. I love all your new clothes. You and your daughters are good shoppers! Don't you just love finding a good bargain. Have a great weekend and enjoy wearing all your new clothes! :-)

  3. Love everything!! And yes, Old Navy def has fun outerwear this year!! You will be the cutest ever!! xoxo

  4. Great finds! I am an Ebay stalker too! :)
    I recently purchased a new pair of soft gold flats to replace the previous pair I wore to death. :)

  5. Just look at all your great new clothes! I've been picking up some good things at yardsales recently & I love that. Thanks for stopping by & for the great comments, glad you liked the recipes.

  6. My daughter is the same way.....always keeping me from looking like an old woman. I remember one time we were shopping after Christmas and I wanted a Christmas sweater and she said...."No!" This particular one really did look like one an old lady would wear. :)

    There are times I wonder how I ever shop without her and still look simi-cute. lol! Recently she complimented my new pair of jeans and said "Those are cute.....where did you get those?" :)

    I'm glad to have her advice really. And I'm like you....I don't want to try to look like a teenager, but youthful at the same time.

    I also love a good bargain! Makes me feel so proud!

    All of your outfits are as cute as they can be.

    Thanks for taking pictures to share with us.

  7. What fun you and your daughters must have together..your new clothes are just smashing. Thanks so much for swinging by to see the angel..have a super w/k... hugs ~lynne~

  8. Please tell Adelaide I wear a size 8!! All the clothes are so cute.

  9. I love your new stuff. I went shopping today with one of my daughters. I couldn't find anything I liked, but I bought her a pair of pants, a sweater and an adorable dress marked down to $4.00 and I had a 15% off coupon. Now that was a bargain!

  10. You are set for the summer. I love your new pretties!!!! You will be right in style. You are blessed to have a young girl to keep you up to date. Finding bargains is so fun!!!!

    Enjoy your new clothes. I love the colors.

  11. Love your new clothes! You are so stylish! I am just like you and Adelaide about my shopping. I love to get a good bargain. Ebay is a great way to bargain shop. I wish I lived closer to you and your daughters so that my mother and I could shop with y'all! You two seem so much like us! If you are ever in Savannah or even nearby, you better let me know so that we can have that fun lunch you mentioned. I agree, it would be so fun!

  12. Wowzer!! You hit the jackpot. Thanks for sharing!!! Xoxo-BLC

  13. Hi Melinda...I love your new clothes, especially the skirts. You're lucky to have your sweet daughter nearby! Have lots of fun with her over the Easter break. Still no definite word on our house hunting trip but I'll keep you posted. Have a great day!

  14. I think I need to go shopping with you! You hit the jackpot!

  15. Great finds!!! Love that Target sweater.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter

  16. I love all your cute new clothes! The blue Lilly skirt looks just like you. It will be so cute this summer! I actually bought the same cardigan at Target a few weeks ago. I thought it was really cute.