Sunday, April 5, 2009

Go TarHeels!!!


My home state team, the University of North Carolina, better known as the Tarheels, has advanced to the finals of the NCAA tournament against Michigan State. The game will be played in Detroit on Monday night. UNC is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Needless to say, I am pulling for UNC to win!! I didn't attend UNC, but you always have to root for your home state team. I have lots of friends who went there, as well as my children's friends who go there now. One of my daughter's good friends went up for the tournament. I talked to her Dad today and he said that she was so excited. That is a trip of a lifetime for a college student!

My brother-in-law is a die hard Carolina fan, so I know he is on cloud nine hoping for a VICTORY on Monday night. Their dogs will be glad when this tournament is over. The dogs get so upset with all the yelling going on during basketball season. Larry, I hope they pull this one out for you!!!

I forgot to say, my husband is a big Duke fan.

Daniel, I know that you will be watching the game tomorrow night. I hope they win for you too!!! You're the man!


  1. That should be a great game. I am pulling for UNC as well. Sorry for your poor husband. :-) Have fun watching the game. I think I am going to fix a special "basketball" meal! Hopefully you will be celebrating when it is over!