Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going to the Beach!!!

The beach is calling my name again and I am so lucky to be able to get to go back to the beach for the rest of the week with my dear friend, Sherian!!! I can't wait. We are leaving after I get off work on Wednesday. I am so excited, I can't stand it. I love the beach!!!

We are going to have "GIRL TIME"!!!!! We have not gotten to see each other as much this summer, so I'm sure we will be talking non-stop the whole time trying to get caught up with each other. We are taking some of our crafts to work on, I have my book (Eat, Pray, Love) I am trying to finish before the movie comes out on Friday and we are both taking our dogs! We plan to eat out... who wants to cook?

I am looking forward to sitting out on the beach, walking, and just chilling out!!!

And the most fun thing of all, we are going thrifting!!! Saturday is the biggest flea market in SC at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. We will be there with bells on! We went last year and it was awesome! We really got some great treasures!

We are also going thrifting on Friday and I am going to get to meet one of my blog friends who lives at the beach. I am so looking forward to that. I love meeting blog friends in person. It is so fun. I'll keep it a surprise, but I promise to take plenty of pictures and will post them after our visit on Friday.

When I get home from the beach, I will leave on Monday to take Adelaide back to college and I am going to stay with my sister and my parents for the week in the mountains. I am so looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation.
I won't be on the computer that much, but I will try to stop by and visit every now and then while I am on vacation. I would miss you all too much!

Love & blessings,


  1. Melinda, I hope your time at the Beach is a wonderful one! ENJOY!!!

  2. Well, I am just going to say it...I'm envious!!!

    I have not been to Myrtle Beach in years!!! We have always gone to Hilton Head Island, but I have always loved Myrtle Beach!!

    I hope you and your friend have an awesome time! Have a safe trip!


  3. I know you will have a great time Melinda! The weather is so nice...I think it has been in the upper 80's all week! Have fun! Sure will miss your sweet comments on my baby girls while you are gone. Thank you for those...they mean a lot!

  4. I am so jealous! Can I come and join you? I know that sounds pitiful! Have fun and enjoy your time!

  5. Enjoy the beach and girl time!!!!

  6. Have a great time! Enjoy the relaxing. Thrifting sounds like fun!

  7. I so hope you will enjoy your time away!

  8. Hope you had a wonderful time! You can never have too many 'beach weeks' : )

  9. Have a great time! It sounds fabulous!

  10. I'm lookin forward to meeting you...I'll try to have the store "spiffed up" for your visit!!

  11. Girl time and the beach. I am so jealous! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures to show us.

  12. I can't wait to hear about and see pictures of the thriftin' and junkin' and the treasure finding!

    Live it up!

  13. Hi Melinda,
    I was talking to that blogging buddy that you went to meet and she told me she was excited about meeting you. I wish I could have been there to meet you too. We bloggers always have lots to talk about and getting to meet one in person is always extra fun.

    If you get a chance stop by and say hello.


  14. I know you have had the best time!! Vacations always end too quickly. I can't believe school is about to begin for us!

  15. Hi I just found your blog...I live in NC...Charlotte to be exact. I love love love the beach...I spend alot of time in North Myrtle Beach but I so love the Outer Banks!
    I've enjoyed reading your blog, and am now a follower...when you get a chance...pop over and check out mine...

  16. Yep, totally jealous! It sounds wonderful...hope you find some GREAT buys at the flea market! I also wanted to say thank you so much for all the very thoughtful comments you've made on my blog--they really mean so very much to me! Always brightens my day...have fun! -shaunna :)