Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to College!!!

My sweet girl is heading back to college today and I am sad to see our wonderful summer coming to an end. Adelaide will be a senior and that is so hard for me to believe. It just seems like yesterday that her Dad and I were taking her up and getting her settled into her dorm. I can remember how excited she was!!
This is going to be a really busy semester for Adelaide, because not only is it her senior year, but she is pledge Mom for her sorority. She will be in charge of all the new girls who pledge and join the sorority this year. I know she will do a wonderful job and the girls will love her. She has worked real hard all summer getting ready for the new girls. She has lots of wonderful things planned.
We had such a great summer!!! We spent time in the mountains and at the beach,we went to the Beach music festival, we went to see Michael Buble', we enjoyed "girl time" together, Adelaide did a 6 week internship at a local children's hospital and she had a Nanny job for 2 sweet children. Although she has been home since the first week of May, the time has flown by.
Adelaide got to attend 3 weddings this summer. I went to one of them with her. I posted about it earlier.
I am blessed to have such wonderful daughters! For those of you new to my blog, Adelaide is my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter, Lauren, is married. They are both the joy of my life!!!

I am a bit sad today to be helping Adelaide move back up to college, but I am so happy for her as she enters her last year of college. She is an amazing young lady and she has a lot to look forward to this year! I wish her all the best this year and I pray that God watches over her every step of the way!

My nest will be empty again, but I have lots of projects to keep me busy. I will be counting the days until fall break, when Adelaide will be home again. I might even sneak in a visit to see her at college before then! I can't stand to be away from my girl too long. Holly (her little dog ) will miss Adelaide too!

Have a wonderful fall semester, Adelaide. I had such a great summer with you!


  1. I hope she knows how blessed she is to have you for a mom! I can tell how much you adore your girls. They are beautiful! Have a great day moving her in. I know it is bittersweet!!!

  2. Aww, sweet post...that senior year does sneak up on you doesn't it? Good luck with the move...I'll be doing the same next weekend and I hope the weather cools off a little before I have to do all that toting and hauling and lifting and carting. My husband is staying here to work which means it is just us girls.

  3. It is such a special time to watch her life unfold!

  4. My daughter is going back on Friday!!

    She is beautiful your daughter!!! good luck to her.

  5. Adelaide is a beauty and you're about to get sooo busy you won't believe it. And more time for blogging. Thanks for stopping by. Jane F

  6. My baby is starting her Sr. year also. They grow up too fast! You have beautiful daughters & I love reading about your shared time. Although I miss my girls, it gives me such joy to see them navigate their own lives.

  7. What a sweet post. They do grow up too fast. Blessings, Patty

  8. What a sweet post! Adelaide will have such a fun time being a Senior this year!

  9. Adelaide is such a pretty name! pretty girl too!

  10. My oldest starts college this week...that's been traumatic enough! what happened to my toddler?

  11. you can rejoice at what a great daughter you have. Here is a poem I wrote when my Amy went back to college in 1995...Jennifer aka Gigi

    Days of Higher Learning
    Sweeping out the sand from the wood floors
    In her quiet, empty bedroom
    I realize that summer is over once again.
    She packs up her life and her smile
    And leaves to explore a world not yet known
    Autumn will come with its cool nights
    And her memories will fill the air
    With sad tears of yesteryear.
    Her long hairs lying on the bathroom floor will soon be gone.
    Her quiet, empty bedroom remains
    To remind us that something is calling her onward
    To greater heights
    And we cannot go with her
    And sadly we remain. (1995)
    Jennifer Palermo

  12. I feel your baby girl went back to college on the 3rd and it's so hard not seeing her every day, but happy for her at the same time. We are lucky that during the Fall we go up to lots of football games and see her for a couple of hours...I guess that's better than none.


  13. How exciting for Adelaide! I know she will love being pledge mom. I was pledge mom my senior year and it was one of the best and most favorite college memories for me. I loved it! It's come full circle for me because now I am in charge of the new member class in Junior League. I hope Adelaide gets all settled in. I know you'll miss her!

  14. Does it ever get easier to hug them good bye and watch them pull out of the driveway and until they are out of sight? Do we simply believe by watching them until they are gone from our sight that we are helping to keep them safe? Or do we simply need that much time to pray and release them from our arms.

    It is hard!

  15. I so remember those days of sending my girl back off to college. Thank the good Lord she is through! Yes!

    Now my empty nest is full of grandkids on any given day. With 6 of them, I have a full time job of "Nana".

  16. She is beautiful!! And I know she is excited that this is her last year at school!! But I also know that after spending such great quality time with her this summer, you will definitely miss her not being around.


  17. Such a bitter-sweet post. You have every right to be so proud and miss her so much. She's an amazing young woman. Her parents did very, very well!!!
    Thank you, dear friend, for your very sweet comment on my post. I never thought that I'd be missed and it warmed my heart to read your words. Thank you.
    Patricia :o)

  18. Oh how I remember those days of taking Bree back to school and getting her settled in! It makes me a little sentimental to think of those special days.

    I know you're probably a little sad tonight, but so proud of your sweet girl.


  19. Such a sweet Mom and daughter!
    Looking through your posts ...proves you've had a WONDERFUL summer.
    Lots of fun on the water...Happy times.
    A Senior...Wow!
    Praying she has the best year ever,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. i loved all your sweet photos with adelaide. she is
    so beautiful and looks very sweet, too.

    i just sent off my fourth and the last leaves in three
    weeks. back to the empty nest. sigh.

  21. You and both of your daughters are beautiful ladies with lovely smiles.
    I know that you are so proud of your senior college girl and she sounds like a beautiful young lady. I wish her the very best.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment.
    My booth is located inside Miss Minnie's Antiques in Shallotte. If you didn't make it there on this trip be sure and try to stop by the next time.


  22. She is a gorgeous girl...and a senior to boot. I'm with you on the whole "time flying" thing. I started my blog just as Lorelai was finishing high school and here she is starting her junior year at Clemson.