Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sister Time!!!

I get to be off work this week, since the family I nanny for is on spring break! I love my job so much and I have an awesome family to work for, but I am looking forward to the week off and some much needed rest and relaxation!!! As you know from my lack of posts since Christmas, I have been going full steam ahead. It will be nice to have a fun week to do some things for "ME"!!!

My sister came down on Sunday and will be here until Thursday and I am so looking forward to our week together! We spent our first day doing a little bit of shopping.... Stein Mart, Goodwill & Big Lots. Followed by dinner at one of our favorite pizza restaurants, Elizabeth's.

On Monday, we will start out taking my parents to breakfast. (One of my Dad's favorite things to do!) My sister and I have to take my Mom to see her eye doctor at Duke Hospital. On the way down there we are stopping at another favorite Goodwill. Can you tell that we love to thrift?

We are packing a picnic lunch to eat when we get there and her appointment is at 1:00 pm. On the way home we are stopping in Burlington, NC at a new thrift store that is operated by Hospice. I have seen the ads on TV and it is huge!! I can't wait. We have dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants, Southern Lights, on Monday night and my Dad and husband will join us.

On Tuesday, us gals are going for manicures/pedicures and then taking my Dad to lunch at another favorite restaurant, Lucky 32. After lunch I have to go get fitted for clothes that I am wearing in a fashion show later in the month. I will post about that later. For dinner on Tuesday night we are going Mexican. My Dad LOVES Mexican, especially the margaritas. We are also going to a yummy dessert place, called Maxie B's for cake. I forgot to mention that Tuesday is my birthday. I think the whole week is going to be a celebration! Aren't birthdays fun?

On Wednesday we plan to have another fun day of shopping and eating, but we haven't totally decided on our itinerary yet. That night, the 6 ladies from my old church, who I have been friends with since our children were born, are all going out to dinner for my birthday. My sister is going with us too. We are going to an Italian restaurant called Bravos.

On Thursday we are going to Kernersville to do some more thrift shopping and we are eating lunch at Miss Pegg's Tea Room. Then I am sad to say that my sister will be leaving to go back home. She lives about 2 hours away in the mountains. It is still winter there and she was so excited to see the daffodils and flowering trees blooming. It really looks like spring here in my city!! I am so glad.

If any of you have sisters, you know how much fun it is to spend time together! We will both enjoy spending time with our parents, as well. Although Mom and Dad are both getting older, they still enjoy time with family and doing special things. These memories of our week together will be special to all of us.

In the picture above, I am on the left, my sister is in pink in the middle and that is Mom on the right. Bless her heart, Mom NEVER smiles when you try to take her picture. I don't know what is up with that. Oh well. She always has a puzzled look on her face.

Have a blessed week! I am sure enjoying this taste of spring weather. It was 77 here today on my car thermometer. On Monday it is only going to be in the low 50's though. We are still on a roller coaster ride with our weather. Oh well, at least it isn't snowing!

Enjoy your week and if you have a sister, think about all the fun times and the great memories you have shared with each other!!!


  1. What a fun and busy week. I love time with my mom and sis. Unfortunately my sister lives in another state and we three don't get our excursions as often as I'd like. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Sounds like a much needed week and I'm so happy that your sister will be here to celebrate your birthday week with you. I have three of them is also my best friend...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I sure hope you will share some of your goodies with us at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS...have a fun time thriftin'.


  3. This sounds like so much fun! I wish I were spending a week with my sisters! I do have my mom and a friend of hers coming for a few days since hubs is out of town and we plan to eat and shop too....breakfast out is one of my favorite things to do too. Enjoy!

    And Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. You have a busy week planned! My Mom takes the same kind of picture. LOL Enjoy your family!

  5. Melinda, you have such a wonderful week planned and Happy Birthday to you!!! What a wonderful celebration and I'm so happy your sister and parents will be spending it with you. You are a special person and HUGS to you my friend!!

    Come to Charlotte for a visit soon! I'd love to meet you somewhere for tea or lunch!

  6. Have a great time this week and enjoy your you time! Got to see Lauren yesterday - I just love her! :)

  7. Enjoy your "me" time. You deserve it!

  8. You have a very busy fun filled week! Great picture of your sister, mom and you. Happy Birthday and eat a piece of cake for me :)
    I hope you find some great things at the thrift stores.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful week! I can't wait to hear what you find at all those thrift shops. :) Have fun!

  10. Oh my word, all those plans sound like so much fun!! There's nothing quite like times with your sisters :) And dining at Lucky 32? So jealous!

  11. Have a well deserved fun week. Love the pic and look foward to more of your week.

  12. Oh what a wonderful week! It sounds as if you made some precious memories.