Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Wedding!!

Don't you just love weddings? This past weekend, Adelaide and I attended a beautiful wedding at this adorable church in Banner Elk, North Carolina. Banner Elk is in the Blue Ridge mountains. One of Adelaide's girlfriends was getting married.

I loved the view of the church from the parking lot. There is a huge butterfly garden, then a row of hydrangeas and the church in the distance, with a gorgeous Carolina blue sky. It could not have been a prettier day for a summer wedding!
There were butterflies everywhere in front of the church in the butterfly garden. So pretty!!!
As we approached the church, a bicycle built for two was parked outside. It was decorated with white balloons. A bicycle built for two was also printed on the wedding invitation.
Don't you love the JUST MARRIED sign on the back of the bike?
There were 2 of these beautiful wildflower arrangements on the doors of the church. There is a wildflower farm somewhere in the area that the family got the wildflowers for the wedding. You get to go and pick your own wildflowers to use in the bouquets, etc. I think that is such a neat idea.
On the ends of the rows of chairs in the sanctuary were Mason jars filled with wild flower arrangements. That was such a cute idea!
I loved the windows in the church. They were so pretty!
Here are 3 of the bridesmaids. I really liked their dresses. You can see their pretty wildflower bouquets.
The bride and groom. I caught them in a serious pose. The groom is Canadian, so they will be moving to Canada.
I loved the little bride and groom figurines. They are so cute!!!
Adelaide and some of her girlfriends posing with the bride and groom. Adelaide is in the pink dress standing next to the groom. All these girls were in high school and Young Life together. And the bride, Sara Katelin, is the first girl in Adelaide's age group to get married.
This is Adelaide and her friend, Sarah Kathryn. They were roommates in college their sophomore year and they are sorority sisters (Kappa Delta). I love their Lilly dresses!
This is Adelaide and me with our dear friend Sherian! I am wearing my Lilly dress too. My girls and I love Lilly.
The happy couple leaving the church after the wedding and the reception.
Congratulations and best wishes to Sara Katelin and Randy! Best of luck as you start your life together in Canada! May God bless your marriage.

As you can see, we had a wonderful time at the wedding. It was fun for Adelaide to see old friends from high school. I spent the weekend with my sister and also got to spend time with my sweet parents. Adelaide enjoyed time with her girlfriends over the weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend, but the weather was extremely hot for the mountains. In fact, Saturday's high temperature set a record.

I hope you enjoyed the wedding pictures. I always love attending weddings and this one was so special. The bride's father is a minister and he married them.

Love & blessings,


  1. Love looking at wedding photos. They did an amazing job. It takes me back 14 months ago to my daughter's wedding. We used antique milk bottles on the tables at the reception filled with wild flowers. Mason jars held votive candles and sat on bannisters and hung on shepherd's hooks. We got rained on, but Rebekah was so happy it didn't matter at all.

  2. This was such a beautiful wedding! The church was storybook perfect and the butterfly garden was such a scenic touch.

    The wildflower bouquets looked so pretty and the bicycle built for two was darling. Thank you for recording all the details as it's so nice t see different wedding ideas.

    You and Adelaide look so pretty in your Lily dresses!

  3. You know I love weddings so it was a treat to see your photos. Lots of very unique ideas. Wonderful photos! So glad their day was picture perfect.


  4. Melinda, That was a beautiful Wedding and so creative, our daughter Breezy had a very Creative Wedding too, it was also lovely with all the sweet personal touches, your daughter is beautiful. Thanks for sharing oxox, Diane

  5. What a beautiful wedding! The church was absolutely beautiful-love those windows! I love the Lily dresses you and Adelaide wore! I hope the bride and groom have a wonderful life together!

  6. What a beautiful pic of the church!! And the other pics of the wedding were special, too! Can't get over the bike built for 2!! That's original!!


  7. That looked like a wonderful wedding! You and your daughter are so pretty...love the Lily dresses!
    p.s. would love to have you visit Asheville for the day! Let me know if you can arrange it sometime. We will go to lunch, shop...it would be fun!

  8. What a beautiful wedding! I love all your Lilly dresses too!

    We are moving today, so I will mail you a letter with my new address. :)

  9. Melinda....
    That was the sweetest wedding ever!
    Loved the CHURCH...Windows...Bike...wild flowers...Your Lily dress..
    The setting was so pastoral looking,
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Always love your visits,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. Oh I simply love it, there is just something about unique weddings, my dh preformed one once where the bride came riding up on horseback, long beautiful wedding gown blowing in the wind, and barefoot, giggles all her bridesmaids were barefoot too, the guys had suits on and baseball caps, lol it was a good and fun wedding too, your photos are great, love the couple riding off into the sunset on a bicycle, great day I am sure.
    Hugs and blessings my friend, and thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi too.

  11. Love the wildflower bouquets!!! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing all those pictures. Everything was beautiful! Precious that they ride away on the bicycle! (LOVE the LILY dresses!) :)

  12. Such a sweet wedding! They look so young! I love all the wild flowers and the dresses.
    We don't see many Lilly dresses out here, hmmmm. I must research this. I love a cute dress!

  13. Greetings Melinda, Loved seeing all these photos-the church was so pretty and of course the bride was beautiful. Seeing you and your girl was fun too.
    Thanks for sharing with us-such a treat.
    Have a great weekend.
    Lots of love,

  14. Ooo..don't know what I like best...the church, the Bridesmaids dresses, the bride & groom, the wild flowers, that precious bike or those great Lilly dresses! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love, love,love this wedding. So cute with the bike! The flowers and simple dresses made everything so "homey" I'm so glad you shared The photos.

    I am getting ready for more company...the first batch will stay 8 days and the next day I am having more company. They will be staying 4 days.

    Summer is busy when you live at the beach =-)

    But also FUN!!

  16. You know we are loving this post, anything with weddings just makes us smile! The bride and groom are darling together, and the image of those two riding off on the bicycle is beautiful, casual and whimsical and elegant all at once!

    The wildflowers were gorgeous, and everyone looked so happy! You and Adelaide in your Lilly dresses are beautiful, thank you for sharing all of this goodness with us!

    Sending you a smile,

  17. Love those pics. That was a fun day!!!!

  18. that is an adorable wedding. i have such a thing for little chapels. they are so charming!

  19. What a darling wedding! I adore the little bride and groom, they are so unique. I had to laugh at the bride and groom taking off on the bike. I noticed the bride was letting the groom doing all the work and she kept her feet up :) Way to go bride! LOL


  20. Love the beautiful wedding pics! I also love your Lilly dresses. Sounds like such a fun day for everyone! Have a great evening.

  21. Although I don't actively shoot weddings anymore that would be one that I would love to have covered. The first one of the church in a distance is great. Love the idea of leaving on a bike too. How fun. Hope you are doing well.


  22. HI Melinda! What a beautiful picture, just gorgeous!! I love this pic with the flowers and it is centered so perfectly in the opening!! We have a church close to us across a farmers field and at night it is so pretty to step outside and see the lit steeple! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! So cute how they rode off on their bike! Very brave of her too!lol Glad you were able to spend time with your family! Now I hope your week is just as good! Sincerely, Jeannette

  23. You know our chalet is at Beech Mtn, so we're in Banner Elk all the time! Such a gorgeous wedding in a gorgeous place!

  24. This looks like such a lovely wedding...Banner Elk is such a great spot too. I love the bicycle built for two-very different. Trying to catch up on some of what I missed while away...I couldn't skip you : )

  25. i loved seeing the photos from this wedding. it looked so beautiful. such a wonderful time in life. :) it looks like you had a great time! -LGE